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Get Specification Documents

Tenders are associated with one or more documents.  These documents can include General tender information including the lodgement process, Functional & Technical specifications, Drawings, plans, Draft contract and Pro-forma documents for tender submission.

Specification documents may have a range of accessibility options, including electronic download, in-person collection, postal deliver and fax delivery.  Furthermore, there could be a requirement that documents need to be ordered (so that they can be prepared for collection), and when they must be collected.

Document Properties

The issuing Agency has the choice to make available tender documents in electronic format or hardcopy format.  The Agency may choose one or more of the options available, and each specification document has the following properties:

  • Title - This is the display title that is used to refer to the specification document.  For uploaded specification documents, this is set to the file name.
  • Description - Should this tender include multiple files and formats it is recommended that the relationship or content of each individual file be communicated in the thus description field.
  • Revision - The version number is important, as this is used to determine if Suppliers have current versions of the document.  It is also used by the system to dispatch automated email notifications to Suppliers informing them that the document has been updated. 
  • Date - The date is displayed of when the document has been added to the tender.
  • Available By - This details how a tender document is available, either in electronic format or hardcopy format. 
  • Collection Availability - This option indicates that a hard copy of the tender document is available for collection at the issuing agency.  If there are any "collectable" documents, then the collection point is specified.  The collection time might also be specified.
  • Order Required - This option indicates that the tender document must be ordered before collection. 
  • Post Option - This option indicates that Suppliers can order the tender documents for postal delivery.
  • Fax - The fax option allows suppliers to order the tender document to be faxed to them.