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Online Forum for CFA-2022-0024 
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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
Request for Tender
Issued by: Country Fire Authority Victoria
UNSPSC: 85000000 - Healthcare Services
Thu, 24 February 2022 3:15 pm
Fri, 11 March 2022 2:00 pm
24 Feb 2022 15:15


Buyer Post #2 - Questions and Answers #1 This post is publicly visible

Question: In Part A.2 Section 2.2 page 7, the fourth dot point is incomplete: Chaplains must not conduct a dual role in CFA and can only perform the role of CFA Chaplain to avoid any conflicts of interest (i.e. not be a CFA member, not be a mental health practitioner who providers services to CFA members). Declaration of potential, perceived or actual conflicts are  [not complete].  Could you please advise if we can disregard this sentence or is there further information to be provided here? 

Answer: The missing words are ‘is required’. Please do not disregard this sentence.

Question: Part A.2 Section 2.2 Pg 8 under Initial Intake, Assessment and Triage (telephone-based service): Is there an expectation that the phone service will enable making a chaplaincy appointment for a future time, or enable speaking with a chaplain on the spot? 

Answer: There is an expectation that it will be for making an appointment for a future time and to also enable speaking with a chaplain on the.

Question: Part A.2 Section 3.3 Completion of CFA induction modules & Section 3.4 Meetings: Could you please advise if you expect this will be included within the 135 hours, or outside of this?

Answer: It is our expectations that both of these will be included within the 135 hours.

Question: Supervision of Chaplains: In reference to Part A2,  Section 2.2 Chaplains shall engage in a regular monthly supervision call or meeting with the state coordinating Chaplain and Section 1.9.6 II They will also be involved in developing, training and supervising the CFA Chaplains. Could you please provide more information on your definition / expectations of supervision for the Chaplains? 

Answer: Supervision is a combined model of support and to ensure that chaplains are meeting the expectations of the role. It may include review of workload, ensuring that they are working within the agreed model/boundaries of the role, checking in on any additional needs, support or resources that the Chaplain has.

Posted on 3 Mar 2022 15:31 by Country Fire Authority Victoria