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Simulation Education Recording & Audio Visual System for Alfred Health  specification documents
UNSPSC: 43000000 - Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications - (100%)
Mon, 5 Feb 2018 3:00 PM
AEDT Melbourne, Victoria

Wed, 28 Feb 2018 4:00 PM
AEDT Melbourne, Victoria

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Answers to : Response clarification Fri, 16 Feb 2018 2:44 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
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Question: Please confirm if this request is targeted toward an AV consultant, integrator, or product supplier? Initial review of the specification outlined in RFT_CHI_AV_Part_AB_VS0.5 appears to be targeted toward a consultant. However, Section 7: Project Requirements and elements from the response schedule RFT_CHI_AV_AV_Part_D_Vs0.3 imply either an integrator or supplier.

Answer: It is desirable to have a contract with a single entity (e.g. lead partner) that can pull together the resources (in-house or in partnership) to design, implement and sustain the solution for its lifespan if possible. The tender is targeting this approach.

Answers to : Multiple Question Tue, 20 Feb 2018 3:00 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
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Question 1: The tender has a number of requirements in different areas and will require some questions and answers to enable a considered proposal to be prepared. Are you considering to extend the deadline?

Answer 1 : No extension is being considered currently, especially as Phase 1 implementation is to be completed this financial year due to our funding being split over two years


Question 2: Is it possible to have an in-situ industry briefing to provide respondents with more detail about the Alfred Heath solution requirements?

Answer 2: No Industry briefing  scheduled – this has been the only request to date.


Question 3: Can you provide some technical specifications related to the 'quality' of the video & audio content currently recorded:

  1. What is the current resolution, bitrate and codec for video, and bitrate and codec for audio?
  2. Is there a preference that the new system provide a specific quality?
  3. Do you require any content from the existing system to be 'migrated' to the new solution?

Answer 3: Video quality simply needs to be adequate for the purpose of seeing gross activities across a room e.g. syringe in hand of clinician at operating table.

  1. Unsure of current video spec’s
  2. No specific quality specified by us. Your Sim Ed / AV consultants are best to advise
  3. No need to “migrate” any existing content



Question 4: Can you please advise how live streamed content and recorded AV material is to be provided to the end-users?

  1. Do you require a web interface to be built?
  2. Is there an existing portal (e.g. Intranet site)?
  3. Is there an existing, or proposed, learning management system?

Answer 4: Live and streamed content to end user

  1. We do envisage a contemporary, simple web interface (Operating system independent) to allow access to the system from any authorised person/device. Otherwise, please detail what you can provide.
  2. There is no existing Sim ED / AV content or management portal. The Alfred does have a fairly new Intranet that is based on Sharepoint/Office 365.
  3. There is an existing Totara/Moodle LMS. It is only envisaged that footage generated from the Sim Ed / AV system would be manually uploaded to it as required.



Question 5:  Can you offer typical use cases for the debrief and control rooms?

  1. Will the debrief room display the procedures and theatre rooms live?

Answer 5: Typical use cases for the debrief and control rooms

  • Debrief will display a live view of a session being recorded or streamed from Theatre, or Procedures (not concurrently).
  • Similarly, Clinical skills will also have the above capability
  • When fully booked, we can have one live view/replay occurring between say Theatre and Debrief, and concurrent live view/replay occurring between Procedures and clinical skills, or vice versa.
  • The Theatre and Procedures control rooms currently contain a one-way view into the respective sim rooms and the work bench therein houses the manikin control laptop, vital signs preview screen, video recording / tagging input and display, toggle mic’s for PA system and voice of the pt.

See link for a virtual tour of indicative room setup



Question 6: Can Alfred Health offer a list of automation functions of the existing AMX system which need to be maintained after migration to the new automation system. Ie a minimum list of features that Alfred Health expect?

Answer 6: Alfred Health minimum list of features

  • Core requirements - Please be guided by the Function Requirements (Section 7) in the tender. Any automation/AD interoperability etc. can be considered.
  • See Section 3.3 for the desirable capabilities that may well be integrated natively in a vendor proposal.



Question 7: Could Alfred Health offer screenshots of the existing portal via which the end users can watch the live streams or search based on tags to access the pre-recorded clips. And if they need to be able to mark-in and mark-out and actually export the clips from that portal?

Answer 7: Screenshots of the existing portal

  1. We currently have no such “Portal”. The AMX controlled system in place is not that sophisticated.
    • Live stream is triggered in the control room to the desired debrief/clinical skills screen
    • At completion of a scenario, the AMX panel can auto turn on the desired debrief room panel and display the latest recorded scenario inclusive of a timeline of tagged points/bookmarks
    • Further, at any time in the retention period, an AMX panel in a debriefing area can be logged onto and presents a list of recorded scenarios (Name, Date, Time) and any one can be loaded and played with ease.
    • We are not wedded to this workflow and seek contemporary solutions that encompass the base functions but hopefully enhance the user experience, ease of access and overall performance, stability and security.
  2. Mark in, Mark Out – Ability to post process the recording and annotate is desirable
  3. Export of Video Clips – Yes, this would be highly desirable.



Question 8: Could Alfred Health please offer the location of the rack/equipment room(s)?

Answer 8: Rack Room(s) – Currently 2 fully populated 42 RU racks hold the core systems and are located in a small ante room behind the Theatre Control Room, labelled “AV 1” in the previously posted floor plan. It is highly desirable that the replacement system be far more compact and is quiet enough, be located in this area (this will potentially enable the re-use of any existing/suitable cabling).


Question 9: Can we assume that there is a false ceiling for cable routing and non-intrusive cable access between rooms across the entire plan of Addendum 1?

Answer 9: False ceiling for cable routing – see attached “Addendum 2 CHI Cable tray drawing.pdf” (Note – Not for distribution – in Confidence). Ceiling is predominantly suspended tiles with some small areas of solid plaster (outside of the key sim rooms).


Summary Section

Question 1: Section 3.1 - Phase 1 – As this phase only partially replaces Alfred Health AV requirements we need to understand requirements further

  1. Once phase 1 is live, is it a requirement for facilities covered in phase 2 (Four bed ward, Clinical Skills room and Human Factors room) to access content from the new solution and vice versa?
  2. If it is a requirement, is this to be included in the scope of this tender or a separate tender?
  3. If this tender, can you provide any technical details about the current system?

Answer 1:

  1. All Core and Supplementary Zones are to record to, and play back from, the same core content system.
  2. Above is part of this tender. Please detail costs of the 2 phases, but essentially view this as a continuous project split over 2 financial years
  3. The current system is 12 years old. It’s tech details are likely to be of little relevance but a brief overview is provided in Section 5 of the tender.


Question 2: Section 3.1, point 1 - Can you please provide further details on the tagging requirements?

  1. What is the maximum number of characters required per tag?
  2. Are tags required to be indexed and therefore searchable? If yes, what system are they to be searched in?
  3. Who will enter the tags?
  4. Are tags only applied to live streams or do you want to be able to tag recorded content?
  5. Do you want to retain the tagged content for a longer period – e.g. retained x seconds/minutes around a tag indefinitely?
  6. Do you require tags to be selected from a pre-approved list or can users enter any tag they want (i.e. free-form text)?
  7. If users are able to enter their own tags, are those tags checked from spelling, appropriate language, accuracy, etc.?
  8. Are all tags searchable by all users? If user generated tags are not vetted, you may find the creator of the tag is embarrassed when other users find an incorrect tag.
  9. Can all users create, edit and delete tags? Delete a tag even if they have not created it?

Answer 2: We will not address all these items raised here - Our first thought is that we do not expect a bespoke solution for this component of the solution. It is highly recommended AV companies partner with a well-known supplier of mature Sim Ed recording/tagging/playback software. Please specify their capability in each of the points raised where possible. With no preference or bias at all, you may wish to get some perspective from this video on this web page


Question 3: Section 3.1, point 2 – Can you please specify "System Control Panels?

  1. What do they control – e.g. only PTZ cameras?
  2. Where are they physically located?
  3. Who needs access to the control panels?

Answer 3: We desire an integrated solution for the camera controls and recording/tagging etc. However, we accept that the traditional AV functions (turn on screen/projector, switch input to a local laptop and change audio levels etc.) may require a separate control panel. Any such “Control Panels” would be in the control rooms and in the Debrief and Clinical Skills rooms


Question 4: Section 3.1, point 1 – While further definition of 'streaming' is provided further in the document, can you please clarify if users of the system are either:

  1. Always logged into the Alfred Health network directly?
  2. And/or logged into the Alfred Health network via remote access software (VPN, TeamViewer, RDP, etc.)? The solution for streaming distribution varies based on user cases.

Answer 4:

  1. The core requirement is a “Live View” from Theatre or Procedures, to Debrief or Clinical Skills. Some call this broadcast or streaming. Core functionality is access by users logged onto the Alfred Health network. We desire that the solution be web enabled so an authorised user can simply access the system with a provided URL. Other options can be considered if required.
  2. Our ultimate wish list is for Remote access (offsite) and Webinar or even interactive sessions over the web. This is covered in Phase 3 – section 3.3

Question 5: Section 3.3, point 1 - can you please clarify if users of the system are either

  1. Always logged into the Alfred Health network directly?
  2. And/or logged into the Alfred Health network via remote access software (VPN, TeamViewer, RDP, etc.)? The solution for streaming distribution varies based on user cases?

Answer 5: See answers in point 4 directly above

Question 6: Section 3.3, point 2 - Can you please further define the requirements related to the statement "Secure external user education session viewing and participation"?

Answer 6: "Secure external user education session viewing and participation" - This refers to a desire to bring down the walls and accommodate distance participation where suitable. It is an aspiration at present. We have no further definition of it at this time.


Question 7: Section 3.3, point 3 – can you please provide further business requirements related to "Webinar Functionality"?

  1. How many concurrent participants do you expect to have?
  2. Would all participants just be listening to the host or would they be expected to interact (audio, video, text chat?) with the host?
  3. Do you require just audio and video sharing or do you require other types of materials (e.g. PowerPoint slides) to be shared through the conferencing facility as well?
  4. Are you expecting that a solution can be provided by a WebEx or similar web conferencing solution? Or do you expect to have this functionality provided through something more sophisticated like a learning management system?

Answer 7:

  • This is envisaged to be provided by a 3rd party Web Conferencing/Webinar tool and not necessarily an LMS. It is included here in case a respondent may have native capability.
  • Numbers of participants, ability to interact and ability to display PowerPoint etc are all of interest
  • We suggest provide pricing on 1 concurrent user collaborating with 10, 20 and 50 participants (Web Conference) and 1 user hosting a webinar for 50 or 100 participants


Question 8: Section 3.3, point 4 – Can you please provide requirements related to "Reporting analytics"?

Answer 8: This relates to the usage of the centre for E.G. number of sessions (by program), number of participants (students, staff), room usage (by room, discipline, or program), Usage of loan equipment (date/time/purpose/target audience, student numbers, and booking details) Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly view.


Question 9: Section 3.3, point 5 – Can you please define "Inventory" in the statement "Inventory Management"? Is this the AV inventory and/or any other?

Answer 9: Relates to education simulation equipment for E.G. Manikins, part task trainers, BioMed equipment, and consumables.


Question 10: Section 3.3, point 6 – Can please provides details to clarify "external" in the statement "Media management of internal/external video recordings"?

  1. How is this content provided – external video feed, file share, portable devices, FTP server, etc.?
  2. Does this solution need to manage any system where files are delivered from – e.g. delete from FTP server once ingested? 

Answer 10:

  1. Ability to easily manage media from various sources via a central interface on the core storage system
  2. Predominant sources could be external video feed, file share or USB/Ext Hard Drive


Question 11: Section 5, point 2 - Does any of the stated network system ("10/100/1000 Mbps IP Network on Cisco Switches) need to be replaced?

  1. If no, can you please provide details of the current quantities and models and the spare port capacity?
  2. If yes, can you please confirm if the switches are to be used only for the proposed solution or are there any requirements to connect any other equipment to the switches? If latter, can you please provide the details?


Answer 11: No switches need replacing. 2 x Cisco Catalyst 2960 - X Series switches with approx. 30 ports spare. Additional switches may be able to be provided if required – please state required port numbers in response. Switches are shared with all Alfred Health connected devices for our department such as IP Phones, PC’s and Printer. A “slave” switch may be required in the “AV 1” location rather than running all cabling back to the “IT 1” location (see plan provided).


Question 12: Section 5, point 3 - Does any of the stated network system ("802.11 b/g/a wireless network on Cisco Access Points and Controllers") need to be replaced?

  1. If yes, can you please confirm quantities and models of the existing systems?
  2. If no, will Alfred Health be responsible for providing sufficient access to the existing infrastructure?

Answer 12: 

  1. The wireless network is recently refreshed and should not need replacement
  2. Alfred Health will be responsible for access to this infrastructure


Question 13: Section 5, point 4 – Can you please provide cabling and rack details?

  1. What cables types (standards) are installed? Are these installed in horizontal and vertical trays and do the existing trays have capacity for additional cabling?
  2. What racks are currently available? What are their quantities and spare space capacity?
  3. If racks require replacement, are there any additional requirements for rack specification, especially air-conditioning requirements?
  4. In relation to the statement "Associated IP Cabling – may be re-used or left in cavities if unsuitable – NOTE: All cabling shall be installed according to best practice and comply with the centres “Cabling and Data Rack Standards” (Provided on request)." Can you please provide this document?


Answer 13: This is all best addressed during a site visit by invitation during the negotiation stage of the tender process. Please make an estimation at this stage. FYI – there are 2 x 42 RU racks currently in use and available. Current best practice cabling standards are expected. When sourced, we will post.


Question 14: Section 7.1, item b – Can you please confirm with "fast forward, rewind" if you mean the ability to skip to any point in the video or if you require video to be played at faster than real-time speed forwards and backwards? If latter, is it a requirement to understand the audio during fast-forward?

Answer 14: Ability to Play, Pause, Fast Forward, Fast rewind and jump to a tag point of interest are all required. No requirement to understand (or play) the audio during fast-forward/rewind


Question 15: Section 7.1, item b – Can you please provide details of operating system and version used on the "dedicated Alfred heath supplied Laptops"?

Answer 15: Currently Windows 7 or Windows 10


Question 16: Section 7.1, item e – Can you please provide details of the users that access, the number of, the screen size and the location of the "master control screen view"? - e.g. is this a dedicated 'master control’ with large screens or a service provided by a solution for access by any defined user via a computer terminal?

  1. Are vitals expected to be superimposed over a live picture on Multiview (or anywhere in control room)

Answer 16:

  • This is a “Master View” concept, not a dedicated screen – the aim being a view within the core system showing many/all camera’s views akin to a security system view.
  • Any authorised user (super-user) of the system, should be able to see this desirable feature if it exists.
  • Vitals View – Current system has a quad view consisting of 3 camera angles and the vital signs. This is adequate for the new system, but we are open to improvements/suggestions.


 Question 17: Section 7.1, item g – Can you please provide estimated volumes of content and media formats required to be supported in relation to "Ability to upload externally created/sourced videos into core system"?

  1. Can you also please advise if the upload is expected to be done by users with defined access?
  2. Is the upload to be done by a user using connected to the Alfred Health IT network and using a web interface or a user uploading a file to a storage location on the Alfred Heath IT system or any other file store?

Answer 17:

  • No. expected to be minimal overall in the short term
  • Upload is expected to be done by users with defined access. A security hierarchy is expected with the system to distinguish student, educators, super-users and admin staff at the very least.
  • Upload could ideally be done from anywhere by and authenticated user – likely to be on the Alfred Network though. The interface and storage is for the respondents to proffer suggestions.


Question 18: Section 7.1, item h – Can you please provide more details related to the statement "Interoperability / compatibility with existing CAE Learning Space Ultra-Portable capture system"?

Answer 18: CHI purchased this system previously and it would be nice to have it integrated if possible – please research the system and respond with your ability to natively or manually import and or manage the system to/from your proposed solution.


 Question 19: Section 7.2, item a - There are a number of requirements that are not fully defined and this would impact project costs – for example:

  1. 2 (or 3) x Ceiling mounted PTZ HD camera’s (1 or 2 x over manikin, 1 x wide)
  2. 1 (or more if required) x ceiling mounted microphone
  3. 1 x “Voice of the manikin” speaker (wireless if possible and considered reliable) - what is the audio source for this? – e.g. is it the desk microphone in the requirement below (7.2 b) or some software such as the software that has the VGA output mentioned above (7.2 a)?

Answer 19:

  • We are seeking responses where the consideration has been given to our core requirements and your consultants design/recommend the best solution – hence we have deliberately been less prescriptive. If in doubt, quote the lower end requirement and indicate a cost for the upper end requirement uplift.
  •  “Voice of the manikin” speaker audio source – Currently the Goose Neck Microphone on the Control Room desk operated by a Sim Educator as required and interfaced to the audio out of the Laerdal manikin Management software laptop (that also provides the Vitals VGA output).



Question 20: Section 7.2, item b - Can you please clarify the requirements for "Switchable Gooseneck Desk Microphone to be the voice of the patient in the Sim room" & "Switchable Gooseneck Desk Microphone to replicate the PA system in the Sim room"?

Answer 20: Flick on or hold switch to talk


Question 21: Section 7.2, item e - Can you please confirm who is responsible for undertaking a "Complete solution review by an AV technician to determine how acoustics and displays could be improved and advise on number of microphones and speaker placement etc."?

  1. Does that form part of this tender or is Alfred Health responsible?
  2. Please also clarify when that would occur as this process may result in variations to quoted costs?

Answer 21: This is part of tender and we expect the respondents submitted design has been vetted by such an expert as best as possible.

Question 22: Section 7.2, item f - Can you please provide further details such as rack locations, power feeds, types of racks, number of racks, air-conditioning, etc., in relation to "Protected power to all recorders, IP camera’s etc. e.g. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) unit(s)"?

  1. Minimum time on UPS?

Answer 22:

  • rack locations – AV 1 room
  • power feeds – 2 x 20 amp in AV 1 room, 10 amp elsewhere
  • types of racks – 2 x Hallam 19” wide, 42 RU high
  • air-conditioning – base floor aircon
  • Minimum time on UPS – 45 minutes is desirable, for all equipment if possible


Question 23: Section 7.3, item a - Can you please clarify support level in relation to this point and 7.4 j?

Answer 23: 

  • support level for 7.3 a – We have suggested same day response to a logged issue and Next Business Day onsite repair.
  • support level for 7.4 j – please proffer your standard implementation project process for this type/size project to hand over to end users and on-site tech teams


Question 24: Section 7.4, item j - Can you please define the support levels expect to be undertaken by the Alfred Health ICT and Technical support teams?

  1. Are they providing levels 1 and 2 and the vendor is to supply level 3?

Answer 24:

  • please proffer your standard implementation project process for this type/size project to hand over to end users and on-site tech teams
  • Yes, Alfred Health and CHI team will provide Level 1 and assist with Level 2 support for the new system with the vendor to supply level 3. Alfred Health will provide all support for the network.


Answers to : Control functions Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:03 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
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Question: Referencing Phase 2 - equipping the 4-bed ward with capture devices and softare - is there a planned area for controlling of the AV devices and capture software, such as Control Rooms 1 & 2 for the Theatre & Procedure rooms?

Answer: There is no designated control room for the 4-Bed Ward. It is envisaged that capture control will be done at a PC/Laptop (Alfred Health provided) on the ward bench under the windows. Please see plan provided in earlier post.

The single camera/mic is most likely to be fitted above one of the first 2 beds as you enter the ward. Playback will be performed in Clinical Skills or Debrief Rooms, or any other connected and authenticated User.

Answers to : Ref: Functional Requirements 7.1 part (c) Mon, 12 Feb 2018 9:54 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
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Question: Referencing the requirement to retain 100 days of recorded video, could you please give us an indication of the recording shcedule across the rooms?  Eg how many hours per day, how many hours per week etc.

AnswerRecording schedule can vary greatly from day to day and week to week.

Our best estimate of the total duration for all recordings over a 100 day retention period (includes weekends – so about 14.3 weeks), with a buffer for growth already applied, is 150 hours to 300 hours, which equates to an average of 1.5 to 3 hours per day.

Answers to : Room requirements Thu, 8 Feb 2018 8:59 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
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Question: We're seeking some clarity on the number and positioning of rooms that we'll be quoting for.  Could you please provide a breakdown of total number of:

  • Simulated Theatres
  • Simulated Procedures room
  • Debrief room
  • Four bed ward
  • Clinical Skills room
  • Human Factors rooms

...that are to be equipped, and their locations, i.e. are they all on the single site or spread across multiple campuses?


Clarification of Rooms and Their location:

All rooms are on the same floor of the same building – Level 4, Burnet Tower, 89 Commercial Rd, Melbourne 3004.

Please refer to the spatial layout plan on Addendum 1 CHI - SIM Areas.jpg

The rooms of interest are:

•             1 x Simulated Theatre, plus adjacent Control Room

•             1 x Simulated Procedure room, plus adjacent Control Room

•             1 x Debrief room

•             1 x Four bed ward

•             1 x Clinical Skills room

•             2 x Human Factors rooms, plus adjacent Control Room

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