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Expression of Interest
Request for Expression of Interest for Cafe Services (State Library Victoria) SLVT091  specification documents
UNSPSC: 90101700 - Cafeteria services - (100%)
Mon, 15 Jan 2018 8:00 AM
AEDT Melbourne, Victoria

Thu, 22 Feb 2018 2:00 PM
AEDT Melbourne, Victoria

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Subject : Staff identification and benefits Thu, 15 Feb 2018 10:15 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #8

Do staff of the SLV have identifacation that could easily recognise them for the purposes of providing staff benefits? A: All staff carry on their person a staff identification card. See also Addenda 1 Cafe Operations Manual Section 3.

Subject : Packaging and Dishwashing Facilities Mon, 12 Feb 2018 5:46 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #7

Section 6.2.3 of of Part B indicates that all food items will need to packaged and that there are no provisions for dishwashing.

What is this limited by and is the SLV firm on this decision? A: Ware washing in the Baldwin Spencer Hall has not been provisioned in the capital works program.

Is the SLV open to the addition of a dishwasher unit to help reduce packaging and landfill waste? A: No. Other waste management solutions may be proposed.

Subject : Cafe Operations Manual Sun, 11 Feb 2018 1:04 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #6

Section 38.1 of the draft service agreement says that library has provided a recently updated cafe operations manual outlining operational policies and procedures required to be adhered to in the provision of the services. Can SLV please outline where this manual is in the specifaction material or otherwise provide the cafe operations maual set out in the service agreement? A: Please download Addenda 1 - Cafe Operations Manual.

Subject : SLVTO91 Tender Document Questions Fri, 9 Feb 2018 3:40 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #5
  1. What is the main purpose of the co-working space in the Baldwin Spencer Hall. Is there an opportunity to host events other than Readings events in the space? A. The Co-working space is available for all Library visitors to use for study and reading actvities. The Library will consider all proposals in relation to out of Library opening hours use of the Shared Area.
  2. After year 1 the number of visitors drop significantly. Will there be clear signage throughout the Library to promote the cafe in the Baldwin Spencer Hall? A. Vision 2020 includes a significant investment in wayfinding, which includes physical colour coding of areas and signage, programmable digital signage as well as a new greeters program, volunteers and information staff. The Library is open to methods of promoting the Cafe within a proposed promotional plan and will work with the succesful respondent in ensuring best
  3. What are the total number of visitors to the SLV on an annual basis? A. The Library enjoyed 2,000,866 visitors. It is one of the five busiest Librarys in the world.
  4. 5.3 Visitor Entry Forecast - It is mentioned that Entry 1 (Swanston st) will be closed during the first year of the agreement. In the cafe visitation table it shows there will be a total of 1,747,693 entering through (Entery 1 in 2018/19). Is this an error? Will Russell st be the main entrance in 2018/2019 from August onwards? Can you please clarify. A. The Swanston Street and the Mr. Tulk entry into the Library areas will be closed at 21st August 2018 and is scheduled to reopen at 9th July 2019. The first column in the visitation Table in 5.3 is revised as follows to more accurately reflect forecast visitation. Please see Table below.

Thank you


Subject : General questions about SLV Fri, 9 Feb 2018 8:30 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #4

1. How many "Friends of the Library" memberships are currently active? A: There are currently circa 92,000 Members of the Library.

2. Does SLV have any data of visitation by "Friends of the Library" members it can provide? A: No this data is not collected currently.

3. How many staff operate at the SLV on a daily basis? A: There are approximately 360 staff which includes Full Time, Part Time and Casual employees. There is also a pool of volunteers prividnig a number of services.  

A further source of general information is available in the Library's Annual Reports.

Thank you

Subject : EOI Questions Wed, 7 Feb 2018 3:09 PM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published
Post #3
Public Body

Questions received via direct email 07-02-18 2:48PM

  1. We have just bought a cafe in the city, however have been working in 5 star hotels since the last 17 years. This involves running existing hotels, as well as opening new restaurants, cafes and events centre. Does that qualify for us to apply. A: SLV will accept responses from all suitably experienced and interested parties. The Respondent should clearly demonstrate capability to provide the Services detailed in Part B- Specification in its response.
  2. - In terms of documents for submission, are there any specifics in terms of what parts we should fill ? Or do we need to submit all information highlighted in yellow. A: Part D - Response Form and Part D - Financial Response should both be fully completed. Incomplete reponse forms may render the Expression of Interest incomplete. Please refer to Part A- Conditions of Expression of Interest.  
  3. - Is there an existing cafe in the place, that we could have look at the SLV, that would provide us with great insight on the further requirements of the business. A: The Cafe is currently being developed as part of the Vision 2020 Redevelopment project and will not be completed until early August 2018. Respondents are welcome to visit the Library to assist in gathering an understanding of visitor profile. Mr. Tulk is a larger Cafe that currently operates close to the corner of Swanston and Russell streets.  
  4. What sort of commission are we required to pay to the SLV, as the item has been left blank. A: Respondents should propose a commission amount.


Thank you

Subject : EOI Questions Wed, 7 Feb 2018 11:34 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #2
Public Body

Questions received via direct email 07-02-18.11.21AM  -

  1. Is a food offering (beyond pastries and cakes) essential? A: SLV will consider all menu proposals, noting that cooking and/or heating of food is not allowed.
  2. Do SLV require the caterer to offer catering services? A: No, however an opportunity exists to provide a limited catering offer to support Readings events within the Service Area and potential to cater for smaller in house staff meetings. The REOI requires a response to this limited offer.
  3. Would SLV be comfortable with a limited offering of specialty coffee only? A: SLV will consider all coffee concept proposals.

Thank you

Subject : SLVT091 - Change to Documentation Mon, 29 Jan 2018 8:16 AM AEDT Melbourne, Victoria This item is published edited
Post #1
Public Body

Dear Respondents,

Request for Expression of Interest for Cafe Services (SLVT091) documentation has been updated. Respondents should note that the following documents have been updated and will be required to be reviewed prior to responding to SLVT091 Request for Expression of Interest for Cafe Services.

  • Part B- Expression of Interest Specification (Section 9 update only)
  • Part D - Expression of Interest Response Form (Form updated)
  • Part D - Excel Form for Financial Response (Form updated)

Thank you

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