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Frequently Asked Questions

This page lists the most frequently asked questions by users of the website, as well as some tips. If you don't find an answer here, use the request support feature. If your query relates to a tender then follow up with the designated contact person for that tender. Detailed Help (Clicking detailed help will open a new browser window)

How do I register as a supplier for the Tenders VIC website?
Enabling Javascript
Enabling ActiveX
Why do I need a primary contact for my organisation?
What if I forget my password or username?
How do I receive email notifications for tender opportunities?
How do I lodge my tender response electronically?
How do I become a supplier to the Victorian Government?
Do you have a preferred supplier list?
How can I get information regarding Victorian Government guidelines?
How can I verify Java on my computer?
Do I have to install the Java software?
What happens if the tender system fails while a response is being tendered?

Questions & Answers
  1. Click on the Register button on the home page 
  2.  Accept the Terms and Conditions 
  3.  Complete the self-registration page:
    • Enter your business’ name (the full trading name), ABN (Australian Business Number) if you do not have an ABN type in the word “NOABN”, address (including city, state/province, country and zip/postal code). 
    • Enter the name and position details of the primary supplier contact for your business and provide a username. Select a meaningful username consisting of at least six characters (number or letters). This will be used each time that you log in to the site. 
    •  Enter an email address. Your email address is used by the site to dispatch automated notifications and used to send your registration confirmation, and details of how to login to the site. 
    • Enter at least one phone number.
    •  Click on the Register button. 
  4.  A system-generated password will be emailed to you, with a confirmation of your registration. Once you have logged in using the supplied password, you must change it to a password of your choice for the first time.

For Internet Explorer follow the below steps:

1. Go to the tools menu and click on Internet Options.
2. In the Internet Options click on the Security tab.
3. Select the Internet zone.
4. Click on Custom level button.
5. Click Enable for Active scripting in the Scripting.
6. Click ok Then a warning message will be displayed Then click yes
7. Click ok and then click the refresh (F5) button to run scripts.

For more information follow the below link:

For FireFox, visit the below link:

For Google Chrome, visit the below link:

Follow the below steps for Enabling ActiveX:

1. In your browser open "Tools"->"Internet options".
2. Open "Security" tab -> Select the "Internet" zone.
3. Click on "Custom level..." button.
4. Scroll down to "ActiveX controls and plug-ins" section -> Select "Enable" for "ActiveX controls and plug-ins".
5. Click "OK" -> "Yes".
6. Click "OK" to close "Internet Options" dialog -> Refresh your browser (F5).

For more information follow the below link:

The primary contact for an organisation is able to provide other staff within your company with access to the Tenders Vic site. Subsequent supplier users requiring access to the Tenders VIC site will be asked to contact the primary contact of their organisation. Each organisation can only have one primary contact.

  • The primary contact will be able to add additional users by going to the Administration “Edit My Business” menu and selecting “Add Person”. 
  •  The primary contact can transfer their (primary contact) role to another person within your organisation. 
  •  The primary contact can delete other users who no longer work for their organisation. 
  •  If the primary contact has left your organisation please phone the Tenders VIC help desk on +61 3 9651 1671 (business hours).
  1. Type in any user name and password to the login screen and you will get
    Sign in failed: Username or password incorrect
    If you have forgotten your password, Click Here to reset it and have the new one emailed to you.
  2.  Place your first name and surname in the relevant entry fields (remember the fields are case sensitive), enter your email address and send the request. Note you must enter exactly the same first name, last name and email address that corresponds to your existing user details.
  1. Log onto the Tenders VIC website. 
  2. Go to Administration ‘Edit My Details’ to ensure that you have provided your current email address in your profile. 
  3. Select the Search button on the side menu. 
  4. Complete your 'Search Criteria' using keywords and/or categories that are relevant to you. 
  5. Create a name for the search (above 'Search Criteria' in 'Profiles') and save it. 
  6. The screen will refresh and show your newly created search. 
  7. Select the 'Add Alert' button for the search. 
  8. You will now receive email notification when any tenders that match the saved search criteria are loaded onto Tenders VIC Website.
You must be a registered site user to lodge your tender electronically. To submit response, log in and then click on the small button on the right side of tender link. Upload your file on the response upload page. If the file is greater than 10 MB split the file in parts and then upload.

When you lodge a response electronically it is automatically encrypted using a digital certificate (VeriSign - up to 128-bit depending on browser version) and transmitted via a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transmission session to the secure server where it is encrypted and stored until tender box opening.

Open Tenders are advertised in the Melbourne Herald Sun every Wednesday and are online at this site

Advice on how to best market your service can be found in the Suppliers Guide on the Procurement website.


Businesses who want to provide construction and related services to the Victorian Government must be prequalified:
VicRoads Consultants Register.
Departments and agencies can establish a standing offer arrangement for contracted suppliers after testing the market. These standing offer arrangements usually run for a period of three to five years.

Construction goods and services purchasing policies:

Non-construction goods and services purchasing policies:

Go to to check you Java version and installation. The Tenders VIC website uses Java version 1.6.

Yes. The Tenders VIC website uses Sun Microsystems Java TM software technology for verifiable, efficient and secure transfer of documents.

How to install the Java plug-in:

  1. Go to or (download the latest version of java. Recommended 1.6 version at this stage) and follow the directions for installation. Once installation is complete, close all open applications and restart your PC (even if you are not prompted to do so). 
  2. Return to and verify your installation of the Java plug-in. If successful, then you will see a small applet confirming that your java installation is up-to-date. 
  3.  If you are not able to successfully install the plug-in, contact your system administrator. 
  4.  If you are unable to resolve installation problems, contact the Tenders VIC help desk. 
  5. After completing download and installation you need to close all browsers then open a new browser, login to the Tenders VIC site and then download the tender documents and upload responses.
The Victorian Government has specific policies to address exceptional circumstances and events. Please contact your departmental representative for guidance.
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