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Digital Forensics - Storage Area Network (SAN) Solution
Issued By Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission
Request for Tender
Computer Equipment and Accessories



 IBAC is Victoria’s first anti-corruption body with responsibility for identifying and preventing serious corrupt conduct across the whole public sector, including members of Parliament, the judiciary and state and local government.

IBAC also has a broad oversight role in relation to police personnel misconduct and an important education function to proactively assist public sector agencies to improve their systems and processes to prevent corrupt conduct.

The High Tech Crime Team (HTCT) performs a vital function broadly categorised as Digital Forensics – The analysis (forensic acquisition and examination) of digital storage devices to retrieve evidence of an allegation. Commonly this is computers, laptops, USB, optical discs and mobile telephones; however vehicles, photocopiers, games consoles and other devices capable of storage electronic data have also been analysed. This function requires DF to centrally store large data sets centrally and perform concurrent analysis on the data sets in the most efficient manner possible.

IBAC is seeking responses to this Request for Tender (RFT), Project 1.2, for a solution to replace or upgrade the existing Storage Area Network which is used for Digital Forensics by its High Tech Crime Team.

IBAC’s specific requirements in relation to the goods and/or services are set out in Part A.2 – Specifications.

In issuing this RFT, IBAC seeks to identify an Invitee who is:

(i)                  Able to provide the goods and/or services required by IBAC in the manner set out in the RFT;

(ii)                Able to demonstrate a commitment and ability to working in collaboration with IBAC over the term of any agreed contractual period to continuously seek improvements in value, efficiency and productivity in connection with the provision of the goods and/or services; and

(iii)               Prepared to work with IBAC to continue to identify opportunities for improvement in the quality and level of service provided by IBAC;

for the mutual benefit of both IBAC and the Invitee.



This Tender was awarded. Click here to view the Contract.