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For the Development and Production of the
Issued By Department of Education and Training
Request for Tender
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The GAT will consist of two parts.
1.1 Part 1:  Writing
(a) Description
This part is a test examining the ability to communicate information and ideas in writing, designed to take approximately one hour.
(b) Content
Part 1 will consist of two items each of which all students should complete within half an hour, having access to either English dictionaries or bilingual dictionaries.  There should be high correlations between results on this test and relevant VCE studies.  The test must be appropriate for all students including Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) students.
1.2 Part 2:  Objective test of generalised achievement of comprehension, analysis and solving problems
(a) Description
This part is a multiple-choice test designed to  take approximately two hours examining the ability to analyse, understand and solve problems in a mathematical, scientific and technology context and in a social, cultural and artistic context.  The questions should be based on stimulus material in a variety of forms.  Any specific information required to answer questions is to be part of the stimulus material pitched at a level of knowledge assumed to be common to all students at Year 12.
(b) Content
Part 2 must consist of two components of 35 questions each:
(i) mathematics/science/technology, with material to be drawn as far as practicable in the following proportions:
mathematics  1/3
science   1/3
technology              1/3
(ii) Humanities/social sciences/ the Arts, with material to be drawn as far as practicable in the following proportions:
humanities              1/3
social sciences  1/3
the Arts              1/3

The range of stimulus material should include:
• material involving a variety of modes of discourse;
• tabular material;
• mathematical material with and without a sciences/social sciences bias or application;
• graphical material; and
• visual material.

The item content can refer to a variety of subject content, and a wide variety of skills and
abilities can be called on such as:
• verbal skills, such as comprehension of facts, literal meaning, inferences, causal and other relationships;
• interpretation of data;
• evaluation of data;
• reasoning powers; and
• judgement skills, such as the ability to estimate, assess probabilities, solve problems.
(c) Construct
There should be high correlations between results on the GAT and relevant studies.  The GAT must be appropriate for all students including NESB students.  
(d) Purpose
The major items of information to be derived from the GAT are scores for
Part 1 score;
Part 2, component (i) score;
Part 2, component (ii) score;
the total GAT score.

Location: Victorian Curriculum And Assessment Authority Ground Floor 41 St Andrews Place East Melbourne Vic 3002

Briefing Session
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