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Assessment - Digital Meters Environmental Impact and Benefits
Issued By South East Water Corporation
Expression of Interest
Environmental Services - (20%)
Environmental advisory services - (20%)
Environmental auditing - (20%)
Environmental management - (20%)
Environmental reporting services - (20%)



The Opportunity

South East Water is a provider of water, sewerage, trade waste and water saving services for residents and businesses in an area ranging from the South East of Melbourne to South Gippsland. We are one of Melbourne’s three water retailers owned by the Victorian Government.

For further information on South East Water please visit

South East Water is seeking responses for the provision of goods and/or services as outlined below:

Background – Digital Water Meter Project

South East Water’s digital transformation journey started several years ago as a way to empower customers with more information about how and when they use water. The project involves replacing the mechanical water meter, with a digital meter. With automated leak alerts and greater visibility of usage patterns, customers have been able to manage their usage and bills more efficiently.

By collecting data from water and wastewater networks, South East Water has also been able to gain valuable new insights into how their assets operate. The unique sensors, embedded directly into meters or placed on other network assets, have provided insights about how the network performs and how faults can be managed more efficiently.

Currently SEW has installed more than 90,000 digital devices, with plans to roll out almost 1M over the next 6 years.

SEW Requirements

SEW is seeking thought leadership from a suitably qualified consultant with expertise and experience to assist with identifying, understanding, and quantifying the environmental impacts of the digital metering program.

The outcome that SEW expects from the consultant to deliver includes but not limited to:

  • Identifying, quantifying, tracking, and reporting our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions for the Digital Metering Program.
  • Validating Environmental Benefit assumptions and identifying additional benefits (direct or indirect) from the reduction in water usage.
  • Reviewing SEW digital water meter processes for Environmental impacts, for example.
    • Procurement- Manufacture- Delivery of devices to SEW.
    • installation -of digital meters – removal and disposal of Mechanical meters
    • Decommissioning and replacement of digital meters, disposal of digital meters
  •  Establish a tracking and reporting capability Environmental Framework

Service Provider Capability Requirement

 Tell us about your proposed offering to support SEW with its Environmental Benefits and impact assessment of its Digital Water Meter program.

What we would like to see

  • Your understanding of SEWs requirements.
  • How your offering support our objectives, and what the value based reasons for  using your services would be.
  • What differentiates your approach from other vendors/solutions?

Tell us about your organisations experience in delivering Environmental Benefits and Impact Assessments

What we would like to see

  • An understanding of your experience with water utilities or like industries
  • Case studies for similar engagements

Provide us with any other information that demonstrates your capabilities in this field.



You can view details of the opportunity, download the scope, and other information to decide if the opportunity is suitable for you here: South East Water Tenders


How to Participate

South East Water have implemented the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the Supplier Portal (SP). We are now managing all procurement sourcing events such as Request for Quotes, Tenders, Request for Information, etc. in Oracle. You will need to submit your offer / proposal online in Oracle itself.

Existing South East Water Suppliers

If you are our existing supplier, and you already have access to the Supplier Portal, you can click on the opportunity, and it will take you to the Supplier Portal to respond.

If you don’t have access to the Supplier Portal, please email [email protected] and provide the following information:

  • Company name (as per Australian Business Register)
  • ABN number
  • supplier portal administrator first name
  • supplier portal administrator last name
  • supplier portal administrator contact number
  • supplier portal administrator email address (this must be a person's email address, not a generic email like [email protected]).

New Suppliers

If you are NEW to South East Water and are interested in submitting a proposal, you'll first need to register yourself by completing the New Supplier Registration

Once your registration is approved, you'll receive an email inviting you to reset your password and log into the Supplier Portal. Please note it can take a few days for the email to come through. Please also check your Junk mailbox as well.

For more information on the Supplier Portal, please see South East Water Supplier Portal | South East Water





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Tender closes at 14 December 2023 02:00 pm
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