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Project 90227 Balustrades – Add new to Forecourt.
Issued By Arts Centre Melbourne
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31 October 2023 09:00 am
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services



Balustrades – Add new to Forecourt

Arts Centre Melbourne (ACM) has been undertaking a program of reviewing and updating areas of OHS&E plant and equipment.


The Balustrades – Add new to Forecourt project involves the balustrades on the Theatres forecourt that exit from both the Fairfax and Playhouse theatres to a public area. While there are four (4) balustrades in the forecourt requiring works, this project will only address three (3) of these balustrades. The fourth may be added to the scope at a later date.


The scope of this project includes the removal of the existing steel balustrades, the repair and restoration of the bluestone capping or walls (where applicable) and the installation of new, frameless glass balustrading to the stairwells. New posts will be used in existing penetrations to reduce impact and the works to the stone. The frameless glass is required to be affixed to the bluestone with an engineered bracket performance solution allowing the balustrade to have no top rail and reduce the visual impact of the system.


This must be a compliant balustrading system that will meet or exceed safety standards for the stairs leading from the theatres emergency exits to the forecourt.


These balustrades will be required to meet all heritage legislation requirements due to the heritage protection afforded to the Forecourt and the neighbouring National Gallery of Victoria.


All bluestone capping will be restored and reinstated to match original, with all new posts utilising the existing penetrations, reducing the impact and works on the stone.


These balustrades surround emergency exit stairwells and cannot be blocked off during the project for any reason. Hoarding solutions must be designed in collaboration with ACM and comply with all relevant NCC and OHS&E regulations and legislation.