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Batteries AAA, AA, C, D, 9V
Issued By Country Fire Authority Victoria
Request for Tender
Contract Number
Alkaline batteries



Supply and Delivery of Consumable Batteries for Miscellaneous Devices.


Batteries supplied are to be either Duracell CopperTop or Energizer Industrial brand.  An offer consisting of all types of batteries required (AAA, AA, C, D, 9V) from a single brand is preferable.


All batteries supplied are to be consumable (disposable) in nature and are to be Alkaline Zinc Manganese Dioxide composition.  Rechargeable battery types will not be considered.

Estimated quantity

AAA = 200,000

AA = 40,000

C = 1,000

D = 2,000

9V = 3,000

Specification Documents 

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  •    Part A&B - CFA-2023-0025 - ITS (Clean).docx
    • Version 1 (10 May 2023)
    • Available by Download   (133 KB)
  •    Part C - CFA-2023-0025 - Proposed CFA Agreement for Supply of Goods (Clean).docx
    • Version 1 (10 May 2023)
    • Available by Download   (210 KB)
  •    Part D - CFA-2023-0025 - The Offer v1.1 (Clean).docx
    • Version 1 (10 May 2023)
    • Available by Download   (108 KB)


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