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FY22/23 Broadmeadows SDS - Wetlands Remediation Civil Works
Issued By Department of Education
Advanced Tender Notice
Contract Number
Estimated Advertising Date:
8 March 2023 02:00 pm
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services



This is an Advanced Tender Notice to receive notification from parties interested in tendering for the project. 

Please note that this advance tender notice is not the actual tender. No tender documentation is provided at this stage.

Project Summary:

The Victorian School Building Authority is intending to release a Request for Tender in March 2023 for the drainage and remediation of existing wetlands at Broadmeadows Special Developmental School located at 30-40 Sorrento St, Broadmeadows. The remediated wetlands will allow for the installation of relocatable buildings to facilitate the decanting of students prior to the commencement of the Broadmeadows SDS capital works project.
The project subject of this forward notice will include the replacement of the existing stormwater catchment basin (approx. volume 400KL) with an in-ground retention system and infill earthworks for the installation of portable buildings. The new retention system will be connected to the existing irrigation pump servicing Hume Central Secondary College’s oval.

The project will require:

  • De-watering the basin and provision of temporary measures for stormwater bypass arrangement to adjacent Legal Point of Discharge.
  • Site clearance: removal of vegetation and trees, observation deck, steps, fence, pathways and other surface materials within work area extent.
  • Installation of in-ground tanks (Spel Chamber system or similar to be specified at RFT) catering for on-site stormwater detention and oval irrigation volumes.
  • Relocation of existing irrigation pumps and connection to aforementioned tanks.
  • Area to be backfilled and compacted to soil capacity specified for installation of relocatable buildings.
  • Extension of Broadmeadows SDS services connections to service future portable buildings: electrical, comms, water supply, stormwater, sewer.

To be considered for Tendering for this project, please email your company details through to [email protected].

The email subject heading should be clearly marked ' ATN-5262-Wetlands'  for Victorian School Building Authority' 

All respondents will need to have a current CSR Registration under the category New Commercial Construction Prequalification level amount no less than $1,000,000. 

A separate Request for Tender (RFT) will be issued. It is expected that approximately four tenderers will be invited. The VSBA will make a decision on which firms are to be invited to submit a tender, based on the firm’s experience, capability and capacity to undertake the work in the required timeframe, and past performance.

Please submit any enquiries to: [email protected]


Specification Documents 

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  •    BroadmeadowsSDS_VSBA_Forward_Tender_Notice.pdf
    • Version 1 (17 Feb 2023)
    • Available by Download   (870 KB)