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RFQ - Net-Zero Infrastructure Plan - Technical Advisor
Issued By Federation University Australia
Request for Quotation
Environmental Services





Pre-Qualification closes 6th February 2023

Further information can be obtained fromĀ,

Federation University is seeking to develop a structure and a program of projects to achieve its carbon net zero targets. To this end, Federation University Australia is seeking to engage a reputable, capable and experienced technical advisor to support in identifying, prioritising, and preparing design briefs for projects and programs of work.

In order to be considered as a compliant bid, suppliers must respond to all questions listed as mandatory.

Generally, the proposed Scope of Works include:

Investigation and documentation of infrastructure

  • Investigate using documentary evidence and Federation University operations team knowledge. As required, prepare investigation briefs for any physical investigation required (investigation works to be costed separately as need is determined). Prepare a comprehensive schematic (or modify existing documentation to suit) and drawing/model for each campus comprising:
    • Power supply (including supply sizing, cable sizing/rating, switchboard capacities, and constraints)
    • Mechanical systems key components (of relevance to energy, fans, heat pumps, boilers etc)
    • Gas supply (including meter and pipe sizing/rating)
    • Control systems (including local and BMS connection status of key plant) and relevant data/comms infrastructure (e.g. cabling, data rack locations)
  • Where parameters are unknown, identify them as such to inform future investigations.

Recommendation on control, data gathering and optimisation system

  • Develop and recommended a control and data collection/analysis system in line with net-zero objectives, considering:
    • legacy systems and infrastructure
    • existing BMS, non-BMS controls, data collection systems
    • the specific needs of optimisation and verification of energy use
    • future-proofing of data collection, control and analysis (e.g. digital twins)
  • Prepare a functional brief to support procurement for any software or systems needed as the backbone

Program design

  • Develop indicative description, extent and costing of the highest priority works
    • Works include projects, maintenance (e.g. asset replacement), and new capital works
  • Develop a high-level sequenced program of works including design, procurement, and implementation for each of the identified works
    • Include sequencing where relevant such as precedent electrical network or structural upgrades required
    • Include review and annual budget bid requirements in programming
  • Program sequencing should reflect the need to manage operating costs through this transition, and seek to sequence cost reduction and cost offsetting interventions ahead of those that will increase operating costs.
  • Where appropriate, recommend specific products or a shortlist of products for consistent, interoperable and reliable operation (e.g. solar panels, inverters)

Design briefing

  • Prepare a consultant brief for the design of each project as recommended by the program design and agreed to by Federation University. Include all required specialities as relevant in each case, including such engineering, architecture and building surveyor as may be needed depending on the task at hand.
    • Where appropriate and sufficiently supported by the market, Federation University is supportive of procurement by means of design and construct/install contracts.
    • Where appropriate, consideration should be given to procurement in bulk through provisions such as limited term fixed rate panels of suppliers (for example, solar panel installers).


Tender closes at 20 February 2023 02:00 pm
Submit your response in hardcopy to Federation University Australia - University Drive