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Austin Health LTB-Main Switchboard Replacement Project
Issued By Austin Health
Request for Tender
Electrical equipment and components and supplies



Project Name: Austin Health LTB-Main Switchboard Replacement Project

General Nature of Works or Services: Electrical

Tender Process: Open Tender

Project Location: 145 Studley Rd, Austin Hospital.

LJF or VIPP: Yes

Agency Contact: Austin Health- Strategic Procurement

Minimum Certification or technical capability:

  • Registered Electrical Contractor (REC),
  • Proven recent Public Sector Health Experience in Major Switchboard Replacements.
  • VPCC  Public Sector Construction Contract AS2124- Austin Health amendments contract will be used.  


The Lance Townsend Building located at the Austin Hospital has four low-voltage main distribution board (A,B&BA and Gen DB) that supports acute care clinical activities on the Austin Hospital site. These Main Switchboards due for replacement.

The project is fully funded and supported by the Victorian Health Building Authority (VHBA).

The methodology for replacement will be sequential. Once the new MSB is commissioned, the sub-main cables and circuits will be cut-across, the old board will be decommissioned and removed.

Within the plantroom, there is space for one new board. The sequence of replacement relies on establishing the next board in the footprint availed by removal of the preceding board.

There are no decanting of services required to enable this project to move forward. The enablers are developing a methodology that ensures continuity of service throughout.

The works and detailed planning to reduce impact during the shutdown and cutover of circuits. A considerable body of review and planning has already occurred to ensure the complexities of delivery have been understood and imbedded in the project costings and delivery program.

A head electrical contractor will be required to deliver the project.

Specification Documents - refer attachment '4668 Austin Health LTB MSB Replacement ATN issue only.pdf'

Note: Tenderers are required to submit financials only in Vol1 Part2. No other place in tender documents are to to filled with lumpsum or breakdown amount.

Specification Documents 

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  •    Vol 1 Part 1 - Notice to Tenderers-CW-2022-23#CONT0002.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)
  •    Vol 1 Part 2 - Tender Forms-CW-2022-23#CONT0002.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (661 KB)
  •    Vol 1 Part 3 - FIA (including Special Conditions)- AS2124-LTB MSB replacement.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)
  •    Vol 1 Part 4 - Preliminaries AS2124-CW-2022-23#CONT0002.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)
  •    Vol 2 Part 1- Electrical Specification.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (597 KB)
  •    Vol 2 Part 2 - Electrical Drawings.pdf
    • Version 1 (2 Dec 2022)
    • Available by Download   (4 MB)
  •    CW-2022- LTB-MSRP_Addendum 1.pdf
    • Version 1 (18 Jan 2023)
    • Available by Download   (86 KB)


This Tender was awarded. Click here to view the Contract.