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Regional Renewable Organics Network Carbonisation (Pyrolysis or Gasification) Equipment
Issued By Barwon Water
Advanced Tender Notice
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Estimated Advertising Date:
2 December 2022 02:00 pm
Water and wastewater treatment supply and disposal


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Barwon Water will be seeking to appoint a suitably qualified and experienced Principal Contractor for the Carbonisation Equipment package of the Regional Renewable Organics Network (RRON) project.

The Regional Renewable Organics Network (RRON) is a proposed organics processing facility that leverages Barwon Water infrastructure to maximise the value of organic waste and convert it to valuable end-products and renewable energy, reducing costs and emissions, creating jobs and driving a circular economy for the region and Victoria.

The facility will have the capability to process approximately 40,000tpa of organic waste from across our region including municipal organic waste (food and garden organics), commercial and industrial organic waste and biosolids. The end-products will be soil conditioners aimed at providing benefit to agribusiness in the region.

Barwon Water has identified the preferred treatment steps in processing these feedstocks to be Plug Flow Anaerobic Digestion (AD), followed by thermal processing of the digestate to produce a biochar.

The Carbonisation package will accept a ~38% dried digestate from the Plug Flow AD package as a feedstock. Further feedstock preparation will then take place, including size reduction and further drying, followed by thermal treatment via carbonisation (i.e. pyrolysis or gasification) to produce a high quality biochar, applicable to various industries, including soil applications.

Please see the below anticipated timeframes regarding this upcoming EOI and Select Tender:

EOI Release: Early-November 2022

EOI Market Briefing: Mid-November 2022

EOI Close: Late-November 2022

Select Tender Open: Early-January 2023

Select Tender Close: Late- January 2023

Tender documents can be downloaded at

Tenders to be lodged to the Barwon Water electronic tender box at

Enquiries should be made to:

James Moverley, on +61 434 581 963 or email: [email protected]