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Ultra-Light Tanker Radiant Heat Curtains
Issued By Country Fire Authority Victoria
Request for Tender
Contract Number
Commercial and Military and Private Vehicles and their Accessories and Components



Other Contacts


As the Victorian State election will be held on Saturday 26 November 2022, the Victorian Government will assume a caretaker role from 6.00pm on 1 November 2022 until such time that either it becomes clear that the incumbent government will be returned, or when a new government is commissioned.

In line with the caretaker conventions, the incoming government will determine whether to proceed with this tender process and enter into the contract] after the caretaker period.

Tenderers should be aware that:

  • all information about this tender process represents the position of the current government only, and is subject to change; and
  • the incoming government may decide to not proceed with this tender process.

Internet lodgement


Website address

Access restrictions (if any)

To be able to download tender documents or upload your submission, you must first ensure your Company is registered with TendersVic (this should take approx. 5-mins)

Other requirements

Tender E-Lodgement;

  • Invitees must provide an electronic copy of Part D of this Invitation - The Offer in the requisite Microsoft Office format.
  • Where an Invitee's policy is to provide PDF electronic documents only, PDF copies must be provided in addition to the requisite Microsoft formats.
  • If providing manuals, these must be relevant, current and live.  These must be submitted in electronic format only, which may be Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word formats.  Diagrams may be provided in the requisite Microsoft Visio format.
  • Invitees must not provide links to websites.  Any relevant peripheral information should be provided in Part D of this Invitation – The Offer.
  • Please submit your tender response well before the tender closing time, allowing time to upload or re-upload if required. It is the invitee’s responsibility to ensure sufficient time is given to upload tender responses.  Commencing document upload two (2) hours prior to the closing time is highly recommended. 
  • Please check the receipt issued by Tenders VIC carefully to ensure all files have been uploaded. If you have not received a receipt from Tenders VIC, your submission has not been loaded correctly and you must resubmit your tender response prior to the closing date and time.
  • If the tender lodgement has taken more than 15 minutes to process, we recommend restarting the upload session.
  • If you are inactive on the ‘Submit Electronic Response’ page for more than 30 minutes you will time out, refresh this page and log in to Tenders VIC again to submit the tender response.

What should you do if you experience issues loading your Tender onto TendersVic;

  • Only alphabetic characters a-z, A-Z, numberals 0-9 and full stops are acceptable file names. The file pathname should be no longer than 90 characters. The total file size of the tender response been uploaded should be no more than 100 MB in a single batch


As specified in clause 3.1(c) of Part B.2 - Victorian Government Requirements, Invitees may only submit documentation that has been virus checked and is free from viruses.


Specification Documents 

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  •    Invitation to Supply-CFA-2022-0151
    • Version 1 (19 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (405 KB)
  •    CFA-2022-0151- Part A2 Technical Specification
    • Version 1 (19 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (69 KB)
  •    Attachment 1 - CFA Radiant Heat Curtain Material Specification
    • Version 1 (19 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (21 KB)
  •    CFA-2022-0151_Part D The Offer
    • Version 1 (19 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (134 KB)
  •    CFA-2022-0151 - Proposed Agreement for the Supply of Goods (sole entity multiple purchase)
    • Version 1 (19 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (340 KB)


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Tender closes at 17 October 2022 02:00 pm
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