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MAPT Construction Noise and Vibration Management Services
Issued By Development Victoria
Advanced Tender Notice
Contract Number
Estimated Advertising Date:
21 September 2022 02:00 pm
Acoustics or noise control - (34%)
Acoustic engineering - (33%)
Noise pollution advisory services - (33%)




Construction Noise and Vibration Management Services

Note: Due to technical issues, bidders who have completed and emailed the Confidentiality Deed to the proposal manager before Tuesday 13 September 2022 at 8am AEST may not have been received. Please re-send the completed Confidentiality Deed if your email was sent before the date and time specified.

Development Victoria is seeking an Acoustic Consultant (Consultant) for the Melbourne Arts Precinct Transformation (MAPT) Project. The Consultant.will have roles in both development of plans for construction and assessment of implementation of the plans for multiple works packages across the MAPT.

Development Victoria is seeking a Consultant with experience on major projects that will be able to work independently and effectively with a large Project team, including multiple contracting firms and multiple Project stakeholders.


Broadly, the Consultant will:

  1. Review and allow for the business continuity requirements of ACM and NGV in relation to noise and vibration.
  2. Produce a draft Noise and Vibration Management Plan that provides appropriate guidance for Bidders to prepare a draft to include with their tender submission.
  3. Review tenders received from Bidders and produce a Subject Matter Expert report on their methodology to mitigate noise and vibration and their draft Construction Noise and Vibration Management Plans.
  4. Review and comment on construction noise and vibration management plans prepared by the successful Contractors.
  5. Inspect the key mitigation measures installed on site for major activities and undertake testing to determine the adequacy of the installed mitigation measures, with consideration of operating project partners, key local stakeholders and neighbours. This may include attendance at key meetings with stakeholders.
  6. Inspect and advise on coverage and the site locations and suitability of the noise and monitoring equipment installed by contractors at site set up stage.
  7. Inspect and advise on coverage and the site locations and suitability of the noise and monitoring equipment installed by contractors if changed due to staging requirements.
  8. Review and comment on noise and vibration monitoring data contained in Contractors Monthly Reports where target and/or alarm levels exceeded, including recommendations for future mitigations.
  9. Investigate and advise on breaches of designated noise and vibration alarm levels or noise and vibration complaints during the construction period as directed..
  10. Setup independent noise and vibration monitors (if required) and provide monthly reports.
  11. Provide general acoustic advice for MAPT Project construction impacts.

The procurement will be conducted as a single phase, open tender. The Consultant will be engaged to provide construction services under Development Victoria’s Consultancy Agreement (Major Services).

This tender is subject to Strategic Project Local Jobs First requirements, as well as the Victorian Government Social Procurement framework.

Bidders who register their interest and sign a confidentiality deed may be invited to participate in the tender. Please download the Confidentiality Deed from Buying for Victoria, complete and email to the proposal manager in order to register your interest.

Specification Documents 

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  •    Confidentiality Deed Poll - MAPT Construction Noise and Vibration Management Services
    • Version 1 (7 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (173 KB)
  •    Confidentiality Deed Poll - MAPT
    • Version 1 (12 Sept 2022)
    • Available by Download   (152 KB)