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Electronic Care Pathways Software
Issued By Northern Health
Request for Tender



Northern Health invites tenderers for ITS2022-036 Electronic Care Pathways Software

Further information in relation to this Invitation to Supply (ITS) can be found on the HealthShare Victoria (HSV) Procurement Portal accessed via the HSV website (


Northern Health (NH) is seeking solutions provider(s) to provide the implementation of an Electronic Care Pathways (ECP) software systems to enable two-way communication between NH patients and clinical teams in order to capture patient feedback and provide information to patients in an easy to use interface. This includes:

•           Software licence

•           Design and configuration of electronic care pathways

•           Hosting – On premises or Cloud

•           Support and Maintenance

ITS Documentation and Key Dates

  • Tender documents will be available to download via the HSV Procurement Portal from Friday, 19 August 2022,  3:00pm (Melbourne Time) onwards
  • The tender will close on Friday, 16 September 2022 at 2:00pm local Melbourne Time
  • All respondents must register on the HSV website before gaining access to the HSV Procurement Portal.
  • New users will need to be granted permissions by your company's 'super user'

NOTE: Suppliers need to meet the requirements below to be considered for further consideration and evaluation:

  1. Must be a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software product.
  2. Software must be designed as an Electronic Care Pathway or highly capable with configuration to do so
  3. Provide system support within (Mon-Fri) business hours Melbourne time-zone
  4. Translation Services required to display text in other languages
  5. Training & Development of Electronic Care Pathways (Partnership)
  6. Integrations with Northern Health digital systems
  7. Northern Health can develop its own pathways once live


All communication regarding the ITS must be in writing via the Message function in the HSV Procurement Portal.  Closing date for last enquiries in relation to this tender is 12 September 2022 2:00pm AEST. Northern Health reserves the right to not provide answers to questions asked after the last date for enquiries.t

Tender Submissions

  • Tender submissions for this ITS are through the HSV Procurement Portal - accessed via the Submissions in any other format will not be accepted.
    • Select ‘My Dashboard’ in the top right
    • Select ‘Procurement Portal’
    • Select 'RFQ' under 'RFx Open to All Suppliers’
    • Select ‘ITS2022-036 Electronic Care Pathways (Northern Health)
  • Full details of the delivery method are found in Section 1 Invitation to Supply, Point 6 Location and method of tender submission
  • Late tender submissions will NOT be accepted other than in exceptional circumstances as described in Section 1 Conditions of Tendering, Point 3.2. Late Offers

How do access tender documents and respone envelopes (Quick Instructions)

1. Register for a Supplier login on HealthShare Victoria website:

2. Once you create an account, please ensure when you login to the HealthShareVIC website (, click on My Dashboard and then click on The Procurement Portal (Jaggaer) link.

3. Click on Sourcing or icon that looks the World with Magnifying glass

Select RFQs > RFQs open to all suppliers > ITS2022-036 Electronic Care Pathways Software (Northern Health)

4. Click on Attachments - Visible to Supplier to access documents (for RFT and Specifications/Response docmentation)

5. All responses Enveloples (Qualification, Technical and Commercial must read and completed for completedsubmission)

If you are still having issues please contact the Jaggaer helpdesk on 02 8074 8627   Email: [email protected]

How do I register as a supplier?

  • Before you can respond to open and upcoming Invitations to Supply (ITS)/tenders you need to register on the HSV website account at:
  • HSV website includes details of all current agreements (contracts) and RFXs/Invitations to Supply (tenders). You can mark these pages as 'favourited' in your website account to receive automatic updates directly to your nominated email address. Under ‘My Account Settings’ in your website account you can set the frequency of these updates as either immediate, daily, weekly or monthly – as well as manage which contract pages you have ‘Favourited’ for alerts.
  • To register you will need an Australia Business Number (ABN), and a company email address. Please ensure you register with an email address specific for your organisation only. If you are a small business and do not have a workplace/unique email domain (and use or for example), please contact HSV via [email protected] for more information on registering your business.
  • Once you have registered via the online form, your account will be reviewed by HPV – and once approved, you will receive an automated welcome email.
  • The Prospective Suppliers information page on our website is also a useful resource that includes FAQs on our sourcing program and is available at:
  • do I respond to a tender?

How do I respond to a tender

  • All of our tenders and documents are published within the HSV Procurement Portal. This is our e-Tendering software platform where you can view our open tenders, download and view documentation, ask questions to the Category Manager, and respond on behalf of your business.
  • To  access tender documents, or respond to a tender,  do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click on Sign In (right hand corner)
  • Login with username and password (if you don’t have one, then click on Register to gain access as a supplier)
  • If you have forgotten password, click on Forgot your password link
  • 5. Once logged in, Click on My Dashboard (top right-hand corner)

    6. Select from Quick Links [The Procurement Portal (Jaggaer)]

    7. Click on Sourcing or icon that looks the World with Magnifying glass

    8. RFQs > RFQs open to all suppliers > ITS2022-036 Electronic Care Pathways Software (Northern Health)

    Please note that the Superuser of the HSV Procurement Portal (your organisation's website account) is the only person with automatic read/respond rights to an RFx. If you are not the Superuser, you will need to request the Superuser of your organisation to change your account access rights to allow you to see the open RFx.

    Please download HSV’s Procurement Portal Suppliers Guide for more information. 

    HPV Procurement Portal - Suppliers-Guide.pdf

    Ignore the reference to the Tender box submission below. All offers MUST be received through the HSV Procurement Portal as stated above. 

    For technical support, contact the Jaggaer helpdesk on  02 8074 8627   Email: [email protected]