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Social Benchmarking Survey Glenelg Hopkins Region
Issued By Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
Request for Tender
Demographic studies - (20%)
Market research - (20%)
Population census services - (20%)
Social policy services - (20%)
Strategic planning consultation services - (20%)


  • Hannah Brook (Enquiries) (available for comment submission)
  • Office: +61 (03) 55712526
  • [email protected]


Glenelg Hopkins CMA is seeking to conduct a social benchmarking survey of the Glenelg Hopkins region. The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of the current perspectives of the regional community about land and catchment management.

The purpose of this project is to better understand the current perspectives of the regional community (both urban and rural) about land and catchment management. This information will assist with a more targeted approach to implementation and reporting on regional strategies, inform the design of projects and enable more targeted and relevant engagement and communications with the regional community. It will also provide a baseline to support future assessment of the impact of our work on community attitudes and behaviours as they relate to land and catchment management.  

Glenelg Hopkins CMA is proposing to appoint a Consultant to achieve the project objectives, which include, but are not limited to:

1. Determining community values with respect to regional environmental, cultural and social (recreational) assets. 

2. Determining community awareness of key threats and challenges to the health of the region and natural resources. 

3. Determining community awareness of opportunities for improving the health of the region and their willingness and capacity to participate. 

4. Determining the social and economic drivers in the region and how they influence land use and management decisions. 

5. Determining community awareness of, and attitudes towards Glenelg Hopkins CMA and other agencies/organisations that participate in catchment management in the region. 

6. Establishing baselines from which to determine the extent of change with respect to a selection of Regional Catchment Strategy outcome

Specification Documents 

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  •    2022GH-RFT001-Tender Brief
    • Version 1 (29 July 2022)
    • Available by Download   (136 KB)
  •    GHCMA_Professional Services Agreement_Contract_Example
    • Version 1 (29 July 2022)
    • Available by Download   (338 KB)