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Provision of Meter Services
Issued By Greater Western Water
Advanced Tender Notice
ATN GWW11087
Estimated Advertising Date:
17 August 2022 07:00 am
Water and sewer utilities


Other Contacts


Enquiries regarding this ATN should be directed to the Program Manager via email [email protected] during normal business hours.

This Advance Tender Notice (ATN) is issued by Greater Western Water (GWW), to advise and provide information to prospective vendors that GWW is engaged in the process of establishing a new contract for the provision of Meter Services in the GWW region.

GWW intends to establish the new contract from 1 October 2023 as the current contract expires on the 30 September 2023.

Refer to Figure 1 GWW service area attached.


Currently these services are delivered differently across GWW by contracted partners to connect to water mains and install, replace and read meters. In parts of the service area, plumbers engaged by both customers and GWW are used to connect to water mains and install meters.

GWW proposes to establish a single Meter Services contract.

The Meter Services components include the following but are not limited to:

  • Main to meter connections – drinking and recycled water
    • New Water Meter Installations for Potable water or recycled water
    • Property Service Installations
    • Tapping Under Pressure
    • Meter Assembly Installation
    • Existing Connections
    • Procurement and Management of Stock
  • Meter Reading
  • Meter Restrictions
  • Meter Replacements (Business as usual)
  • Meter Replacements Program (MRP)
    • Safety and Compliance
    • Safety and Auditing Requirements
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
  • Value Added Services (when requested)
  • Additional Requirements
    • Digital Metering
    • Fire Services Audit
    • Backflow Prevention Audits and Testing when requested by GWW
    • General Metering Assembly Audits to ensure compliance to GWW and Metering & Servicing Guidelines’ requirements      

A new delivery model has been designed which aligns the GWW servicing model across the whole service area in a mature and risk-managed way.

The model will address criteria including:

  • Safety & Wellbeing – partners, staff and community. 
  • Value for Money – services delivered at efficient cost and value for GWW and fair return for the delivery partner
  • Quality – avoiding rework on service connections not constructed to GWW specifications.
  • Customer Experience Improvement – timely meter and service connections, accurate meter reading, faults avoided or repaired efficiently and effectively including reduction of handoffs; and
  • Innovation – future delivery of digital metering solutions, efficient data acquisition and other technology or service options.

Vendors will be required to consider Victorian government policy objectives with GWW integration, creating new opportunities for skill development, jobs growth and retention of local jobs including for First Nations people and plumbers in GWW’s service area and social procurement objectives including environmental and diversity and inclusion.


Market Approach

GWW’s market approach to this procurement including indicative timeframe is detailed in the table below.

Table 1: Indicative Timeframe

Procurement Task

Indicative Timeframe

Industry Engagement / Market Insight

 14 July 2022

Expression of Interest 

 Mid-August 2022

Select Request for Tender

 October 2022

Tender Evaluation

 Dec 2022 – Feb 2023          

Vendor Approval and contracting

 March 2023


 April 2023

Contract Commencement

 01 October 2023

Contract Management

 02 October 2023


Industry Engagement

As part of the Meter Services Contract procurement process, GWW will provide an opportunity to prospective vendors to attend an Industry Engagement briefing session prior to the release of the EOI. The Industry Engagement will be designed to seek general interest from the market including existing service providers to test interest and likely form of tender.

EOI Process

The EOI process will test the market and allow shortlisting of prospective vendors. Factors which may be considered as part of shortlisting are experience, customer relationship, joint venture, capability, capacity, methodology, legal/commercial structure /departures, identified opportunities (e.g., digital metering and evaluation (including interviews)), and Victorian government policy objectives.

Select RFT

Shortlisted vendors from the EOI process will be invited to progress through to the tender process for GWW Meter Services.

Full details and specifications will be made available in the Request for Tender which will include but not limited to:

  • Commercial (pricing and commercial compliance)
  • Statement of Requirements;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • Safety Management Plan
  • KRA/KPI alignment;
  • Methodology;
  • Transition Plan (IN and OUT);
  • Roles and Responsibilities; and
  • Innovation and Opportunities.

The Victorian government’s Local Jobs First Policy and Victorian Social Procurement Framework will be mandated requirements of this tender.

Enquiries regarding this ATN should be directed to the Program Manager via email [email protected] during normal business hours.

Next Step

Industry Engagement briefing session is scheduled for the 14 July 2022. This briefing session will be conducted via online process.

Please go to portal for information regarding the briefing session. Invitees must ensure that they register their details to gain access and are kept informed about the Industry Engagement briefing session.


Specification Documents 

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  •    7ac955d0-7b67-41f5-aaf0-cb8bbd6eaeb3
    • Version 1 (29 June 2022)
    • Available by Download   (18 KB)
  •    Advanced Tender Notice signed
    • Version 1 (6 July 2022)
    • Available by Download   (354 KB)
  •    Industry Briefing Session 14 July 2022
    • Version 1 (15 July 2022)
    • Available by Download   (4 MB)
  •    Meter Services Industry Presentation Q&A
    • Version 1 (29 July 2022)
    • Available by Download   (14 KB)