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Advanced Traffic Management System RFI
Issued By DoT Roads
Request for Information
Industrial control software - (70%)
Traffic control - (30%)



Head, Transport for Victoria is seeking information on Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS).  ATMS is currently being used by the Department for Managed Motorways as well as some operations across the state road network, alongside other systems such as for traffic signal management and travel time analysis. This RFI is seeking information on recent ATMS technology developments and industry capability.  Please note this is not a procurement exercise; it is an early market engagement to assist in future requirements analysis and possible business case development.  The information provided in this RFI outlines the areas of interest to Head, Transport for Victoria.  To obtain access to the confidential information, please execute the attach Confidentiality Deed Poll and return to “[email protected]” as soon as possible.  Head, Transport for Victoria’s commitment to protecting Suppliers’ information and their response to this RFI is set out in item 3.5, Part B.2, Conditions of participation.

All questions in relation to the RFI must be address to “[email protected]”. Please note: in recognition of the interests of the Suppliers responding to this RFI, answers to questions raised in relation to the content of the RFI may where appropriate be provided only to the Supplier asking the question. 

Please submit your response by the closing time and date set out on the TendersVic website and check the closing time and date from time to time and prior to submitting your response as these may change.

An online briefing session will be held as part of this RFI.  The time and date of the briefing can be found on the TendersVic website.  Please follow the briefing instruciton below to register your interest. 

Specification Documents 

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  •    DoT1722 Request for Information Part C - ATMS RFI
    • Version 1 (3 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (172 KB)
  •    DoT1722 Request for Information Parts A&B - ATMS RFI
    • Version 1 (3 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (378 KB)
  •    DoT 1722 Confidentiality Deed Poll - ATMS RFI
    • Version 1 (3 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (220 KB)
  •    DoT1722 ATMS RFI briefing 11 May 2022 published
    • Version 1 (11 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)
  •    DoT1722 further questions post ATMS RFI briefing 11 May 2022
    • Version 1 (19 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (288 KB)
  •    DoT1722 follow-up question (IP)
    • Version 1 (26 May 2022)
    • Available by Download   (249 KB)