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AAMI Park Fire Detection System Upgrade
Issued By Melbourne & Olympic Park Trust
Advanced Tender Notice
Estimated Advertising Date:
15 March 2022 12:00 pm
Fire detection and burglar alarm systems installation service



Melbourne Olympic Park (MOPT) are upgrading the fire detection system from a SIEMENS system to a SIMPLEX system to communicate with the existing site. General information about this opportunity has been provided below. The full tender documentation will be released on the 15th of March 2022. Pre-registration for this request for tender is not required.

The Contractor shall be responsible to fully develop the design in accordance with the intent of the specification, strictly in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards, Victorian Building Authority
Regulations, National Construction code and MOPT Fire risk Management Guidelines. The Fire Protection Services Contractor shall also carry out computations; attend meetings with the Project Manager / Design
Consultant, relevant Building Surveyor and other contractors as required. Shop drawings are required to beprepared to indicate complete understanding of the contracted works.

The fire protection services contractor shall be responsible for providing all necessary fire protection services specified to the extent that would normally be required to fully comply with the National Construction Code, relevant Australian Standards, Victorian Building Authority Regulations, National Construction code and MOPT Fire risk Management Guidelines and any relevant building surveyor report, fire engineering report and fire brigade.

The extent of responsibility by this contractor shall include, but not limited to the following;
a) To be responsible for the detailed design activities listed below, in addition to those activities normally undertaken through the custom and practice of the industry.
b) The contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that the detailed design which they undertake is fully co-ordinated and compatible with the remainder of the project design.
c) The contractor’s design obligation shall include:

i. Cable routes and locations.

ii. Bracket and support detailed design and locations.

iii. Details of Fire Protection Services wiring diagrams of all equipment supplied by the contractor showing all interconnections between equipment to enable the necessary wiring to be undertaken.

iv. Details of all equipment component design and selection necessary insofar as such items have been selected by the contractor for that item of equipment to meet the engineering specification and performance indicated.

d) The formation of as built drawings based upon the drawings accompanying the specification.