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Vocational Rehabilitation Services Panel
Issued By Transport Accident Commission
Advanced Tender Notice
Estimated Advertising Date:
14 October 2021 12:00 PM
Vocational training


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The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) intends to go to market for its Vocational Rehabilitation Services. 

The TAC is a body established and regulated by the Transport Accident Act 1986 (Vic). Under section 60(2) of the Act, it is a statutory function of the TAC to pay compensation for the reasonable costs of certain services required by TAC Clients as a result of a transport accident.

The TAC has long had in place a highly developed and structured program to promote the vocational rehabilitation of clients.

The TAC can fund the reasonable cost of vocational rehabilitation that support a return to employment for a client who has injuries sustained in a transport accident.  The TAC currently has approximately 1400 TAC Clients who require vocational Rehabilitation services.

Vocational rehabilitation service means any of the following services provided by a person who is approved by the Commission as a provider of a vocational rehabilitation service –

  1. initial rehabilitation assessment;
  2. functional assessment;
  3. workplace assessment;
  4. job analysis;
  5. advice concerning job modification;
  6. vocational rehabilitation counselling;
  7. vocational assessment;
  8. advice or assistance concerning job-seeking;
  9. vocational re-education;
  10. advice or assistance in arranging vocational re-education;
  11. preparation of a return to work plan;
  12. the provision of aids, appliances, apparatus or other material likely to facilitate the return to work of a person after an injury;
  13. modification to a work station or equipment used by a person that is likely to facilitate the return to work of the person after the injury;
  14. any other service authorised by the Commission.
    It does not include a disability service, a hospital service or a rehabilitation service.

The TAC spends on average $5 million per annum on vocational rehabilitation services and during an average year, spend by provider ranges from $500k to $3 million, with 96% of client’s services are performed within the state of Victoria.

The proposed tender is expected to be released mid-October.

Any enquiries should be directed to