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School Dental Program Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Solution - VNA
Issued By Dental Health Services Victoria
Request for Tender
Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications




The school dental program will implement a mobile diagnostic image management solution.  The solution will support the acquisition, viewing (manipulate & annotate), reviewing (onsite and remote), transmission, storage, archival, sharing and reporting of digital imaging and radiographs from any treatment location required by the School Dental Program.  The solution will be vendor-neutral and capable of handling various media from a range of clinical digital radiology acquisition technologies from different vendors (including Intraoral X-ray, Phosphor plate X-ray, digital sensor, Digital Panoramic X-ray, Cephalometric X-ray and Cone Beam computed tomography) modalities.  The mobile diagnostic imaging solution will interface with DHSV’s existing Patient Management system, Titanium, currently accessed via a Citrix published application.

The Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Solution will be delivered via two procurements. This tender for Image management including Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and viewing system.  A separate tender #180 Mobile Diagnostic Imaging – Digital Modalities for the dental image acquisition modalities.

DHSV is aware there are many models for the delivery of a mobile diagnostic imaging solution.  Only submissions with multiple submissions will be considered.  The approaches that are currently under consideration include:

  • Capital purchase (hardware & software)
  • Software only (hardware provided by DHSV)
  • Managed service (annual operating cost)
  • Solution as a service (SaaS)

DHSV can procure hardware from Victorian State government contracts and registers, however, if specific hardware is recommended for the solution, cost estimates for the hardware is required for the solution.

The functional and non-functional requirements for the tender are outlined for response within Attachment 2 Tender Specifications Spreadsheet.  The respondent is required to complete and submit this excel spreadsheet as part of their tender submission. 

All costs associated with any offerings should be detailed in the Attachment 5 Pricing Schedule.  Pricing to be expressed in Australian dollars and be exclusive of GST, the pricing breakdown should separate out: 

  • Total project implementation cost (including systems integration)
  • One-time hardware cost, 
  • Hardware maintenance and support costs, (include the hardware refresh cycle and approximate cost of two refresh cycles)
  • One-time software acquisition cost including a clear explanation of the license rights and limitations of the license you are recommending 
  • Ongoing software maintenance and support costs or subscription cost, including a clear explanation of the license rights and limitations of the license you are recommending. 

It is expected that the respondents can demonstrate experience in implementing the proposed mobile diagnostic imaging solutions (or similar solutions) to meet the clinical and business needs of the school dental program.

Specification Documents 

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  • Attachment 1 - Background Specification   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)
  • Attachment 2 - Tender Specifications   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (88 KB)
  • Attachment 3 - GITC agreement Mar 2021   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (376 KB)
  • Attachment 4 - Vendor Response Template   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (112 KB)
  • Attachment 5 - Vendor Response Template Pricing Matrix   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (20 KB)
  • Attachment 6 - Supplier Code of Conduct Commitment Letter template   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (25 KB)
  • Attachment 7 - Supplier Questionnaire -Modern Slavery   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (24 KB)
  • Request for Tender   
    • Version 1 (23/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (1 MB)


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Tender closes at 28 May 2021 06:00 PM
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