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MFEP- Fuelbreak Slashing 2021/22 to 2025/26
Issued By Parks Victoria
Request for Tender
Contract Number
Environmental Services




Fuelbreak Slashing is undertaken by the Melbourne Fire & Emergency Program (MFEP) throughout Melbourne Region to reduce grass height on fuelbreaks prior to the peak fire season. Fuelbreak are slashed between November to February (depending on location and curing rate of grass) with each fuelbreak being slashed at least once. Some second cuts may be required depending on grass growth and the fire season.

Various machines are used in order to undertake the slashing due to the natural environment where the fuelbreaks are located and uneven/sloping fuelbreaks.

This procurement is for schedule of rates for various machines required to undertake fuelbreak slashing.  

The tender has been separated into five (5) portions based on location of parks and the type of landscape e.g. forest, grasslands. Details of the separable portions can be found in Schedule 12 and with maps available as a separate document on Tender Vic website.

This contract will be for a total of five (5) years and structured as a 3 year contract with 2 x one year options.

Note that while the amount of fuelbreaks to be slashed is relatively consistent, there will be variations each year dependant on growth rates/winter growth, changes to fire priorities, additional/removal of parks requiring slashing, and requirements for second cuts.

Specification Documents 

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  •    Fuelbreak Slashing 21_22-25_26 Non-construction Related Goods and Services RFT
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (665 KB)
  •    Offer Template- Fuelbreak Slashing 21-22_25-26
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (102 KB)
  •    Slashing Tender- Rates & Machines
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (41 KB)
  •    Services Contract - General Use- Fuelbreak Slashing
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (709 KB)
  •    Contestability Assessment Letter - MFEP- Fuelbreak Slashing 2021-22 to 2025-26
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (137 KB)
  •    PortionD_CardiniaSandbelt
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (327 KB)
  •    PortionE_Mornington
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (329 KB)
  •    PortionA_WM
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (376 KB)
  •    PortionB_NEM
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (373 KB)
  •    PortionC_DYR
    • Version 1 (12/04/2021)
    • Available by Download   (448 KB)


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