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This page displays the details of a tender.

Geospatial Data & Analytics Panel Establishment
Issued By Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Advanced Tender Notice
Advance Notice
Notice - T2001-0035
Estimated Advertising Date:
6 May 2021 02:00 PM
Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services


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Purpose of this Notice:

Geospatial Data & Analytics Panel Establishment—Now OPEN!  The tender is being managed via eServices Register and VendorPanel.  Please see instructions below on how to access the tender.


Land Use Victoria (LUV), is the Victorian Government's lead agency for land and property information, advice and thought leadership on the use of spatial data and insights to facilitate improved government outcomes. Since 2005, LUV has also run the Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP), which coordinates public-sector investment in high value, remotely sensed geospatial data including imagery and elevation data collected using aerial and satellite platforms. CIP is a Centre of Excellence for remotely sensed spatial data and works with over 200 partners across the public sector in Victoria to manage cooperative procurement projects that ensure the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality imagery and elevation data to Government. CIP also works closely with state government agencies to identify and support emerging opportunities to use this data in new ways, including supporting new methods such as machine learning, feature extraction, and change detection to derive new attributes and insights from high value spatial data. LUV is planning to establish a whole-of-Victorian Government Panel of Providers for Geospatial Data and Analytics that will deliver data and support services under three categories:

A. Geospatial Imagery

B. Elevation and Depth

C. Geospatial Analytics

The Request for Tender has been released via, an online platform used for procurement by the eServices Register. All interested parties are required to register at, to receive the notification of tender release. The registration must be within the Geospatial Data Services Category.  Since the tender has already been released, pls advise when you have received confirmation that your firm has been registered and that you would like to access the RFT.



Geospatial imagery and elevation data are essential datasets that depict the earth’s surface and the objects on it. Geospatial imagery and elevation data can be captured through a range of remote-sensing platforms including vehicles, airplanes and helicopters, RPAS or drones, and satellites. These platforms can carry a diverse range of sensors including traditional cameras, LiDAR sensors, thermal cameras, video and more. High quality geospatial imagery and elevation data is essential for efficiently and effectively delivering government services, from the planning of new communities and transport networks, to delivering major infrastructure projects and providing emergency services and hazard management to reduce risks to human life. In the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning alone, these datasets are critical to supporting more than eighteen Government Acts and regulations. Furthermore, this data underpins advanced and emerging spatial analytics and visualisations, including enabling maintenance for other spatial datasets, Digital Twins, 3D, time-series and change detection analysis, and machine learning feature extraction.

The Coordinated Imagery Program (CIP) in Land Use Victoria has coordinated the purchase of imagery and elevation spatial data for the Victorian public sector (state and local government) since 2005, with an annual expenditure of approximately $5 million per annum. This program has been very successful in delivering expertise, quality assurance, standardisation, and significant savings to government through consolidated purchasing and a “buy once, use many” approach. The Whole-of-Victorian Government e-Services State Purchasing Contract has been used for these procurements since its establishment and is available to buyers and suppliers through the Vendor Panel online platform managed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Land Use Victoria in DELWP has identified an opportunity to improve delivery of these services to government and increase the benefits of CIP Centre of Excellence for government buyers through the establishment of a pre-qualified Panel of Providers. The Panel will leverage the existing mandated eServices State Purchasing Contract but introduce additional Rules of Use and standardised Contract Variables. Pre-qualification of suppliers by a team of expert assessors will enable internal operational efficiencies through a streamlined evaluation and approvals process, reducing time-to-contract for both buyers and vendors.



The services procured by this contract require proven capabilities and expertise in the acquisition, quality-assurance, and delivery of geospatial data and analytics services (imagery, elevation and depth data, geospatial analytics using machine learning, feature extraction, change detection, and other emerging capabilities) and must conform to the quality and accuracy standards developed by the CIP over many years. An ongoing operational presence in Victoria, particularly for the delivery of data acquisition services using mobile or aerial platforms, is strongly preferred.

The Service Provider should also have well defined and mature processes and methodologies for planning and managing projects, compliant and best-practice safety protocols for staff and the community, and modern methods for communicating to customers.

The Panel may also demand these services during emergency management planning and response. Service Providers who can deliver under these conditions are encouraged to apply.

The category of Geospatial Analytics is acknowledged as an emerging technology that is likely to change significantly – both in demand and implementation - over the term of the Panel contract. Service Providers with both well-established technuques as well as unique and evolving offerings that can meet current and future needs of government are sought. Tender requirements and Contract will include scope to mature to meet future needs.  

DELWP is looking to have this service in place by no later than 1 July 2021 for a duration of up to seven years (3+2+2 for the Geospatial Imagery and Elevation and Depth categories; annual refresh for Geospatial Analytics category) and is aiming to sign contracts with successful vendors to join the Panel of Providers late June 2021.

Please refer to the RFT Documentation within VendorPanel.