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Provision of Coastal Professional Advisory and Services Panel Establishment
Issued By Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Advanced Tender Notice
Estimated Advertising Date:
14 September 2020 12:00 AM
Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services


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Advance Tender Notice – Provision of Coastal Professional Advisory and Services Panel Establishment

Tender Number: 345303

Purpose of this notice:

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is proposing to establish a new panel of pre-qualified, experienced and specialist advisory and service providers in accordance with DELWP requirements for the provision of services with the coastal protection assets and beach renourishment project design and investigation capability requirements. Providers will be able to nominate their area of expertise they wish to be considered for.

The opportunity to tender for this proposed work will be provided via a Request for Tender (RFT). The RFT is expected to be issued on 14 September 2020 via open tender at:

The tender will be open for 4+ weeks.  This advance notification is to assist potential suppliers to resource for the tender response requirements.


DELWP brings together Victoria’s climate change, energy, environment, water, forests, planning, local government and emergency management functions into a single department to maximise connections between the environment, community, industry and the economy.

DELWP also oversees the performance of coastal protection assets on Crown land – including groynes, seawalls, rock revetments and beach renourishments – for both their community and amenity values and their role in protecting coastal areas and other coastal assets and infrastructure.


DELWP’s Forest, Fire and Regions Group manages State forests, coasts and other public land, and delivers integrated, accessible and high-quality programs, projects and services across all DELWP portfolio areas, working collaboratively with local communities and other partners. As DELWP’s main connection to local communities and environments across the state, the group provides valuable intelligence on how policy and programs can be designed and delivered to better meet the needs of Victorians.

The Statewide Coastal Program leads the strategic planning of Statewide coastal programs and coordinate the delivery of coastal protection, adaptation and renourishment programs to meet the needs of Victoria’s coastal communities.

On-ground delivery of coastal protection assets and beach renourishment projects is managed by the three coastal regions (Barwon South West, Port Phillip or Gippsland).

The Regional Director, Barwon South West is the Senior Responsible Owner for the Statewide Coastal Program.

The Opportunity

The establishment of the Coastal Professional Advisory and Services Panel will:

  • Identify experienced and highly credentialed providers across Statewide Coastal Program work portfolio requirements;
  • Evaluate potential providers based on a ‘value for money’ philosophy and in a competitive market to deliver required outcomes;
  • Establish consistent content and outcomes for project objectives with the ability to deliver against the output requirements;
  • Streamline the procurement process for services; and
  • Mutually assist Statewide Coastal Programs team and Regional coastal delivery teams in efficiently and effectively managing their project delivery needs.

Service requirements include:

Function A

Marine and Coastal Investigations

  • Risk identification, assessment, analysis and valuation (including risk mitigation strategy)
  • Assessment of coastal processes and impacts of climate change
  • Coastal hazard vulnerability and inundation studies
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Scenario modelling (numerical and physical)
  • Assessment of adaptation options
  • Options studies
  • Collection, collation and interpretation of physical, chemical and biological data in various formats (historical and present day)
  • Identification of physical, chemical and biological aspects of coastal dynamics
  • Aboriginal cultural heritage and other cultural heritage considerations and coordination with Traditional Owners
  • European cultural heritage
  • Setting design criteria
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Licences and approvals
  • Construction cost estimates, bill of quantities

Function B

Detailed design in marine and coastal environments

  • Detailed project costing
  • Functional specification development, specifying design and performance criteria
  • Detailed analysis of all site conditions and design concepts, alternatives and optimisation
  • Data collection – physical, chemical, biological
  • Numerical and/or physical modelling of coastal processes, geomorphology and sediment budgets
  • Selection of construction materials
  • Consideration of construction techniques
  • Environmental assessment
  • Cost estimation
  • Detailed documentation and plans
  • Technical specification, drawings and Bill of Quantities
  • Maintenance program development
  • Removal or reinstatement plans
  • Peer review skills
  • Safety and wellbeing management

Function C

Monitoring and Evaluation Programs of marine and coastal projects

  • Project implementation and project evaluation aspects
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Assessment of social/tourisms/economic/ environmental benefits
  • Assessment of coastal protection benefits
  • Assessment of construction and maintenance costs
  • Environmental impacts and on ecological vulnerability
  • Ongoing monitoring of asset performance

Function D

Contract management/governance/administration of marine and coastal projects

  • Project management; project governance
  • Development of project tender documentation
  • Advice and/or management of Tender processes, such as development of selection/project evaluation criteria; and tender processes and evaluations
  • Good understanding of both marine environment and construction contracts to ensure documentation is not deficient in some technical or legal aspect, or prove to be burdensome to the contractor and ultimately to the project.

Function E

Community Engagement (mandatory function for all tenderers)

  • Work within the IAP2 spectrum
  • Facilitate optimal levels of engagement with stakeholders and communities central to the performance of the project outcomes, allowing for communities differing levels of education, concern and interest
  • Assist DELWP to build the capacity of specific groups, improve community satisfaction and address the concerns of key stakeholders.
  • Engage, negotiate, mediate and resolve a range of challenges and issues potentially to:
    • Identify social and demographic trends.
    • Build strong engagement cultures.
    • Connect with stakeholders and communities to ensure consensus.
    • Manage and engage with community groups.
    • Focus on the involvement and needs of Traditional Owners
    • Address gender and diversity planning and engagement.


The opportunity is for interested and suitably skilled and qualified individuals and/or organisations to be appointed to one or more relevant service / function areas of the Coastal Professional Advisory and Services Panel. The panel will be closed, with Rules of the Panel dictating its operation and ability to add providers, on certain refresh conditions, during its life of 3 years with options to extend 2 x 2 years.