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Senior Project Manager for Recovery Program
Issued By Parks Victoria
Request for Tender
Contract Number
Project management




The Principal invites the Tenderer to submit a Tender for the provision of client-side Project Management Services. Two (2) Senior Project Managers, who will be responsible for the coordination and the delivery of state-wide Infrastructure Capital Projects for asset recovery for the Parks Victoria component of Public Land Recovery Programs following the 2020 Fire Disaster in Victoria, including visitor services/environmental/heritage/cultural/asset recovery.

    Both positions are for the Recovery Program, three (3) days a week for a period of 24 months.

    Both roles are based in CBD Melbourne but regional travel are required.

    (Please note: recruitment agency applications will not be accepted)

Position 1 will manage the efficient implementation of Recovery Projects in a Program of Work ranging up to $50-$100M in value and spanning multiple years. 

Position 2 is for Recovery - Cape Conran Coastal Park, managing the efficient implementation of Recovery Projects in a Program of Work ranging up to $30M in value and spanning multiple years. This position includes bushfire recovery works to Cape Conran, wastewater & potable water pipelines from Marlo to Cape Conran and a shared path over the sewerage and water structure.

Both Senior Project Managers will be required to partner with commercial stakeholders at all stages of the project lifecycle and to assess and provide strategic input on commercial impacts of any changes.  

Both Senior Project Managers will lead own team of consultants and/or fixed term employees, depending on the complexity and scale of the program, to ensure the successful delivery of multiple capital projects to the satisfaction of Parks Victoria. These project teams will be integrated with existing resources to ensure that project deliverables are met within approved scope, timelines and budgets.  

Both Senior Project Managers are responsible for leading the governance of Capital Projects to ensure that projects are managed in accordance with Parks Victoria's P3M Project Management Framework with strong governance and oversight in accordance with Parks Victoria's key procedures, guidelines and policies including Procurement and Risk Management. A key part of project governance will be the establishment and running of Project Control Group (PCG) meetings; this role will have responsibility for establishment and smooth running of these meetings by ensuring the quality of agendas, minutes and PCG Meeting Reports including the distribution of these in a timely manner. 

For some established projects an existing project team may already be established with a mix of consultants and/or ongoing, fixed term and contingent Parks Victoria employees whom will be overseen by this role as both Senior Project Managers responsible for their delivery of the projects.

Regular and unplanned travel to rural and remote areas of Victoria (including areas where no public transport options exist) are required as part of this role.

The Tenderer can choose to respond both positions or one of the position.

Key Accountabilities 



Delivery of Capital Projects or Programs of Work 

Each role is responsible for the successful delivery of Capital Recovery Projects and/or Programs of Work ranging up to $100M and $30M respectively, in value and spanning multiple years, on budget, on time and with all benefits realised.  

Each role is required to procure and manage external consultancies as required to ensure the successful delivery of multiple capital projects to the satisfaction of Parks Victoria while complying with all of Parks Victoria relevant process and procedures. 

Public Land Recovery Programs 

In line with the system of work for recovery programs, coordinate divisional input for asset related recovery programs that span multiple districts or regions, ensuring that programs are tracked; data is collected and insurance information available as required. Assist Communications and Marketing on reporting of progress of recovery programs as required. Large recovery programs may include the appointment of additional resources to assist a large project of work for recovery. 

The Senior Project Managers will lead a small team of consultants and/or fixed term employees, depending on the complexity and scale of the program. 

Relationship management with stakeholders 

Each role is accountable for the relationship management with stakeholders such as consultants and contractors as well as Parks Victoria’s diverse range of internal and external stakeholders.  

Influencing and communication skills are critical when engaging the diverse and often complex stakeholder network to ensure the best outcome for all projects.  

Holding commercial stakeholders such as consultants and contractors to account against their contractual engagement and agreed KPI’s is a critical component to this role.  

Compliance with the P3M Project Management Framework 

Ensure compliance with the P3M Project Management Framework which sets the parameters around which projects must be managed at Parks Victoria. This includes project governance, financial management, status reporting and the detailed gateway process for project progression from initiation through to handover.  

Compliance with the Parks Victoria Procurement Processes 

Ensure compliance with Parks Victoria’s procurement guidelines and processes which align to VPS procurement standards.  

The processes outline thresholds for different procurement process, financial delegations and provides key documents such as market engagement documents, probity plans and scorecard and recommendation reports, all of which are critical artefacts in the procurement of consultant and contractor services.  

Compliance with the Parks Victoria Risk Management Procedure 

Ensure compliance with Parks Victoria’s Risk Management Guidelines and procedures as they apply to all risks at Parks Victoria including Project Specific Risks.  

The guidelines and process prescribe in the Parks Victoria Risk Management Framework and tools ensure risk management is carried out appropriately. For projects the establishment and ongoing use of detailed Risk Registers are a key part of successful project delivery. 

Values, Safety and Wellbeing 

Champion Parks Victoria’s preferred culture to meet Parks Victoria’s corporate objectives and to promote team work, employee development and empowerment in order to foster a culture of high performance and a workforce which demonstrates behaviours consistent with Parks Victoria’s corporate values. 

Provide and maintain a working environment that, as far as reasonably practicable, is safe and without risks to the health, safety and wellbeing of all (employees, contractors, volunteers). 

Finance and Governance 

Ensure effective budget management and financial reporting which meets the organisation’s overall legal and statutory requirements and control expenditure within budget limits whilst maximising the value of management resources. 

Lead and support the compliance through internal controls, including policies, procedures and delegations to manage how decisions and actions are undertaken to achieve Parks Victoria’s objectives. 

Ensure there is a close working relationship with the insurance team to ensure sufficient data is available for claims and recovery of costs. 


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