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Melton and Parwan Pumping Stations
Issued By Western Water
Advanced Tender Notice
ATN CN000129
Contract Number
ATN CN000129
Estimated Advertising Date:
12 August 2020 05:00 PM
Water and sewer utilities - (34%)
Pumping station - (33%)
Pumping station construction service - (33%)


Other Contacts


As part of its Western Irrigation Network (WIN) Project, two major pump stations are to be installed at the Melton Recycled Water Plant and at Parwan.

The Melton PS will transfer recycled water from the Melton RWP storages to the head of the Parwan-Balliang irrigation district (currently being developed), and the Parwan PS will transfer recycled water to the customers boundaries for irrigation.

Western Water intends to conduct a two-part procurement process commencing with a request for Expressions of Interest from which a small number of tenderers will be selected and invited to submit fully costed design and construct tenders.

The works will involve design, construction, commissioning and performance proving of the two pump station facilities which are expected to generally comprise the following:

  1. At the Melton PS facility
  • A High Lift Pump Station (HLPS), supplied from a break tank, capable of transferring recycled water through a 13.5km DN600 GRP pipeline to Parwan (the pipeline is to be built under a separate contract);
  • Maximum and minimum flows for the HLPS are planned to be staged as follows:
    • Until 2035: 200 L/s to 400 L/s @ 173m
    • Ultimate flow beyond 2035: 200 L/s to 800 L/s @ 173m

Designs will be required to provide the 2035 flows, with provision within the site layout and key installations for the future upgrade in capacity

  • A multipurpose Low Lift Pump Station (LLPS) that will transfer recycled water from the two winter storage dams at the Melton Recycled Water Plant to the HLPS break tank, to on site irrigation assets and also between the storages themselves;
    • The ultimate combined flow rate of the LLPS is approx. 1250 L/s
  • The supply from the LLPS is unfiltered recycled water and as such a filter and backwash system is required between the LLPS and the break tanks;
  • A 720kL HLPS break tank in between the filtration unit and the HLPS, with provision for a second break tank beyond 2035;
  • Associated suction and discharge pipework and fittings, both above and below ground;
  • Pumps, MCC and associated electrical equipment, instrumentation, controls and buildings to house these components;
  • Communication to both Parwan Pump Station and Western Water Central SCADA System.


  1. At the Parwan PS facility
  • A pump station operating to maintain a constant pressure irrigation system capable of transferring recycled water through the DN675 Parwan-Balliang irrigation pipeline to customer offtakes, with a lift of approximately 45m;
  • Staging
    • Interim for the first 15 years of demand (2l/s to 400l/s @ 45m)
    • Ultimate for projected future demands beyond Year 15 (2l/s to 850l/s @ 50m)

Designs will be required to provide the interim flows, with provision within the site layout and key installations for the future upgrade for ultimate requirements.

  • A 2ML balance tank to collect flows from multiple sources including the Melton PS
  • Associated suction, discharge, overflow, and drainage pipeline, both above and below ground
  • Building to house pumps, electrical, instrumentation, and controls
  • Communication via radio to Western Water base station and customer offtakes with information relayed to Western Water’s Central SCADA System.
  • Integrated with future additional 2ML balance tank and 1GL lagoon storage facility at the same location


All materials will be supplied by the contractor and all materials installed must be in accordance with Western Water’s approved pipe products as set out in the MRWA web portal or approved by Western Water if product type is not covered by the MRWA portal. 

All work under the contract will be required to be complete prior to Dec 2021 and an earlier finish will be requested.

An industry briefing/site visit is proposed and questions during the tender period (until end of Period for questions) can be directed via the Buying for Victoria website.

The contract will be a lump sum contract based on AS4300 (as amended).

The current program indicates the following key dates.


Date **

EOI Release

12 August 

Virtual Briefing

20 August

EOI Submission close

7 September 

RFT issued to shortlisted tenderers only

Early October

RFT Briefing for shortlisted tenderers 

Mid - Late October

End of period for questions

7 days prior to tender close

Tender Closing time

End November

Execution of contract

January 2021

Works complete

December 2021 (or earlier)

** These dates are indicative only and subject to change.

In the initial EOI process, submission will be assessed on the basis of demonstrated previous experience, track record, project and works management and proposed team for design, construction, commissioning and performance testing.

Submissions will be expected to nominate tenderers key personnel and sub-contractors/consortia that will be proposed in any subsequent tender should they be requested to provide a response.

Details on evaluation criteria for the RFT stage will be provided in the RFT documents.

This project is supported by the Commonwealth Government  and therefore will include the following federal requirements

Building Code 2016

The Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016 [Cth] (the Building Code) applies to the building work associated with this project.  By submitting a tender for this project, tenderers become a “code covered entity’ and are therefore subject to the requirements of the Building Code from submission of their tender for this project. 

Further information will be provided in the Request for Tender documentation, including the requirement for all tenderers to submit a Workplace Relations Management Plan with their tenders for approval by the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) in accordance with Part 6 of the Building Code.

OFSC Accreditation Scheme

It is also a requirement of this project that the builder(s) contracted to undertake the building work be accredited under the federal Work Health and Safety Accreditation Scheme, established under the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Act 2016 [Cth], at the time of entering into the contract for the building work and while the building work is being carried out.*  The builder(s) must comply with all conditions of Scheme accreditation.

* Paragraph 26(g) of the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) (Accreditation Scheme) Rules 2019 [Cth] outlines provisions applying to joint venture arrangements that include accredited and unaccredited builders.


Further details of the project and EOI submission requirements will be provided within the EOI documentation when released.