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Display Tender PROCF19-000142 

This page displays the details of a tender. All tender questions should be directed to the nominated contact person listed for the tender.

TAC Creative Services Panel
Issued By Transport Accident Commission
Request for Tender
Advertising production service



The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is a Victorian statutory authority responsible for managing a transport accident compensation scheme that pays benefits to people injured in transport accidents (TAC Clients) as required by the Transport Accident Act 1986 (Vic). Benefits payable by TAC include medical services, rehabilitation services and disability services.

The TAC’s responsibilities include: promoting the prevention of transport accidents and safety in the use of transport.

The TAC is committed to assisting small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), including regional suppliers to access and win business for the supply of goods and services.


Through this Tender Process, we are seeking Tenders from suitably qualified organisations to respond to this Request for Tender (RFT) to provide creative services to the TAC in accordance with the Conditions of Tendering available in Part A2 of the RFT documentation.
In issuing this RFT, the TAC seeks to identify a group of suppliers, to join a non-exclusive panel, who are suitably qualified and able to provide efficient and effective:

• Experiential / Event Management / Activation Services
• Public Relations Services
• Digital Services – Content and Monitoring
• Creative Services / Advertising Services
• Graphic Design Services
• Photography Services
• Videography Services
• Website Content and Design

Note: The TAC may consider your suitability for any category based on your capability and capacity as demonstrated in your Tender. Tenderers may be considered suitable for one or more categories.
The initial panel term is for a period of three years, with an option for the TAC to extend for a further two years.
The Services do not include above the line creative services or advertising services.
The TAC Creative Services Panel may be accessed upon agreement by other Victorian Government entities, including Departments or Public Bodies as defined by section 3 of the Financial Management Act 1994.

Joining the panel does not mean that the supplier will receive a guaranteed amount of work. The TAC reserves the right to obtain the same or similar services either from other providers on the panel, or from people or organisations that are not on the panel.
During the course of the term, the TAC will call upon panel suppliers to submit quotations for specific event, activation, advertising, public relations, photography, videography, graphic design and digital projects across TAC Road Safety, Partnerships and Marketing, as well as the Corporate Affairs and Community Relations teams from time to time.

Specification Documents 

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  • PROCF19-000142 - Part A1 Tender Details - TAC Creative Services Panel   
    • Version 1 (05/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Part A2 Conditions of Tendering - TAC Creative Services Panel   
    • Version 1 (05/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Part B Specification - TAC Creative Services Panel   
    • Version 1 (05/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Part C Proposed Contract - TAC Creative Services Panel   
    • Version 1 (05/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • TAC Safe Driving Policy for Employers   
    • Version 1 (13/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Addendum No.1   
    • Version 1 (13/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Part D Response Schedules - TAC Creative Services Panel (Version 2)   
    • Version 1 (13/02/2020)
    • Available by Download
  • PROCF19-000142 - Addendum No. 2   
    • Version 1 (18/02/2020)
    • Available by Download


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Tender closes at 4 March 2020 02:00 PM
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