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Issued By City West Water
Advanced Tender Notice
ATN 001
Estimated Advertising Date:
12 January 2020 02:00 PM
Specialized trade construction and maintenance services






Background and Vision

City West Water (CWW) is a leading metropolitan water corporation in Melbourne, providing safe clean water along with trade waste sewerage services to Melbourne's CBD, inner and western suburbs.

CWW’s vision is to continue being an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community. The Renewals Program for water and sewer services plays a key role in achieving this vision by ensuring our customers continue to experience reliable water and sewage services.

We are seeking expressions of interest to tender for our new Renewals contract, from organisations who are motivated to partner with us to achieve our vision and deliver outstanding outcomes for our customers.

Strategic Objectives

CWW believes the key elements that are required to deliver a successful Renewals program are:

  • Customer Experience: Renewals have the potential to provide significant community and stakeholder benefits, however through delivery, could also be disruptive to our customers and the wider community. It is critical works are undertaken in a way that minimises impact and maximises outcomes for our customers and the community.
  • Safety: City West Water is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for employees, contractors, customers and the community. We value providing an enjoyable and safe work environment that enables us to deliver great customer outcomes. Remember, safety isn't just about protecting us from something, but for something - for the things, places and people we love that bring us joy and we care about deeply.
  • Quality: It is critical that Renewals conform to the highest quality standards to ensure our assets sustain the test of time and future rework is minimized, to avoid further disruption and increased cost.
  • Value for money: The Renewals Program must deliver on the pricing submission outcomes in the most cost-effective way possible. Together with our partners we will continue to explore prudent and efficient ways to drive efficiency, so as demand increases in heavily populated and expanding areas, we are able to renew more with less.
  • Contractor Relationships: CWW is actively shifting the way we work with our industry partners. We recognise that our partners play a collaborative role to deliver great results and help CWW achieve its vision. It is vital that partners who join us on the journey are able to display a hunger to share knowledge and learning, ensuring that we embed and mature these practices as established behaviours.
  • Delivery: In an ever evolving and growing city, CWW Renewals must remain adaptable to meet the changing needs of our customers and the community. This means contractors who can demonstrate being agile, flexible and adaptable, who have a thirst to improve systems and processes, and who are willing to explore innovative solutions to deliver future ready infrastructure.

Way We Work

At CWW, one of the pillars that support our aim of being an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the community is our Achievement Culture.

The three themes that best inform this are:

•    Enabling new ways of working

•    Keeping it simple

•    Working as one

These three themes are what drive us to help overcome challenges and make the most of our opportunities. They truly reflect CWW’s desire to be challenged and seek further opportunities to build on being an exceptional service provider that puts customers first and benefits the communities.

Contract Budget, Scope, and Term

CWW delivers an ongoing program of Water and Sewer Renewals currently worth approximately $25 million per year ($19 million per year for Water and $6m per year for Sewer).

The Renewals work includes the replacement and/or rehabilitation of water and sewer pipelines across the CWW service area, primarily focused on our reticulation assets. The scope of work includes all reinstatement activities following the Renewals works.

CWW is seeking to engage partners to deliver Renewals on an initial contract term of three years with extensions available to a maximum term of seven years.

Purpose of ROI: Delivery Model

Through this ROI we are seeking industry involvement to make our final decision as to the best model for CWW for the delivery of Renewals:

  1. Continue to contract the delivery of Water and Sewer separately with two contractors for Water and one contractor for Sewer, or;
  2. Contract the delivery of both as a single program with two contractors delivering both Water and Sewer

Parties will have the option to register interest in one or both models. Our preference is to contract with two delivery partners who can deliver both Water and Sewer Renewals. We are keen to understand via this ROI the number of parties ready to service both Water and Sewer Renewals.

Partners will have the option to register any internal organisational structure that would be beneficial for CWW - either a consortia, joint venture, head/sub-contractor, or single entity.

CWW wishes the intent of their contract with industry to cascade throughout the supply chain, ensuring all parties involved in the Renewals scope are aligned to the values and desired outcomes of CWW. In doing so CWW is ideally looking to maintain direct relationships with those organisations providing the service (ie. minimise sub-contracting).

In undertaking this ROI we are wanting to work collaboratively with industry. There is a growing reality that CWW, in line with changes and expectations within the industry, seeks opportunities to change through innovation, removing complexity and communicating effectively. We expect this to extend to our business partners also.

We sincerely value your input and look forward to receiving your Registration of Interest.

Procurement Process

A two-stage procurement process will be used:

Stage 1: Registration of Interest (ROI)

Contractors interested in participating in the RFT are requested to register your interest via the ROI and while registration is not mandatory responding to the ROI will be viewed favorably and feedback will be provided to those who respond to the ROI.

Contractors can register for one or both delivery model options and in doing so will be asked to demonstrate how you will add value to CWW in your commercial arrangement and to deliver against the strategic objectives.

Stage 2: Request for Tender (RFT)

This will be an open RFT.

Expected Timeline



Release ROI

January 2020

ROI information session

January 2020

ROI close

February 2020

Release RFT

March - April 2020

RFT close

May 2020

Evaluation complete

July 2020

Approvals and Execute contracts

August 2020

Commence construction works

October 2020

Registration Process

ROI and RFT documentation will be released through the TenderLink website (


All enquiries to be directed to the Project Manager - Brant Mitchell on (03) 9313 8412 or