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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
Request for Tender
Issued by: Victoria Legal Aid
UNSPSC: 84131609 - Employee assistance programs
Wed, 22 June 2022 4:00 pm
Wed, 20 July 2022 2:00 pm
22 June 2022 14:00


Buyer Post #6 - Closing Date Extented This post is publicly visible


Please be advised that VLA has extended the EAP ITS closing date. The Tender will now close 2:00pm 20 July 2022.


Dan Murray

Posted on 8 July 2022 14:28 by Victoria Legal Aid

Buyer Post #5 - Questions Asked This post is publicly visible

Q. Are you able to provide critical incident utilisation data?

A. There were 9.25 hours of critical incident counselling from 01 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.


Q. Could you kindly confirm the expectation and purpose of the verbal and email summary reports for critical incident referred to in 2.5.1(d) of the Statement of Requirements?

A. VLA aims to create a supportive environment for its employees, as such, following a critical incident it is important to understand impacts and what measures VLA can take to ensure staff have the necessary supports in place, both for individuals and VLA staff more generally.


Q. We note the requirement in 2.6.1  to provide additional reports within an agreed timeframe of a report request being made. Can you provide examples of what these report requests might entail?

A. This will be dependant on the services available/provided and what is agreed with the provider.


Q.With regard to 2.5.1(b), can you please confirm if the requirement for appointments to be available within 2 business days refers to face to face appointments, or if telehealth or e-health services are also acceptable?

A. This will relate to the needs of the individual who requires the requested service, as such if it is a face-to-face request, then this will be the expectation.


Q. Could you kindly clarify what is meant by “2.3.2(b) Min of 4 services for each issue, unlimited issues across the year”

A. Staff can contact the EAP as many times as they like throughout the year for as many different issues they need support with, and will have access to at least 4 sessions for each particular issue. Essentially VLA does no want for staff to have any less than 4 sessions available for any issue they have. As an example, if someone wants to use the EAP due to anxiety, they will have at least 4 sessions that they can use for this issue, then if they have a relationship issue, their entitlement would be at least sessions for this issue.


Q. We note Part C (s1.5) requests pricing to be provided in Excel format. Can you please confirm if this is for any additional pricing structures separate to the template provided at 2.8 of Part E?

A. As outlined in the ITS doc, all pricing is to be provided in a separate Excel Worksheet.


Posted on 8 July 2022 12:35 by Victoria Legal Aid

Buyer Post #3 - Questions Asked This post is publicly visible

Q. How many employees do you have? (Employee Headcount).

A. 975


Q. What is the spread between your 15 offices?

A. These numbers are a guide as some staff work across multiple locations, therefore are included in the Bourke Street number.

Dandenong 40
Geelong 18
Gippsland (Bairnsdale and Morwell)32
Sunshine 36
Bourke Street675


Q. Is there any requirements for the clinicians providing services? E.g., can they be registered counsellors, psychologists, and social workers, or is there a preference for just psychologists?

A. Preference is for the clinicians to be psychologists given the nature of the work we perform at VLA and the complex nature of some of the matters that are raised with our EAP provider. Having said that, if there is a model to triage and assign certain matters to a certain type of clinician, I’d be happy to hear about it and would consider a model with other professionals included.


Q. Annual EAP utilisation

A. Varies between 18-20%, though we aim for closer to the 20% figure

Posted on 28 June 2022 10:44 by Victoria Legal Aid