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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
Request for Tender
Issued by: Arts Centre Melbourne
UNSPSC: 43230000 - Software
Wed, 15 June 2022 11:00 am
Thu, 21 July 2022 7:30 pm
15 June 2022 11:00


Buyer Post #5 - Closing Time This post is publicly visible

Please note that we have granted an extention on the closing for submission.

The submission deadline is now 7:30pm 21st July 2022

Posted on 21 July 2022 10:43 by Arts Centre Melbourne

Supplier Post #4 - Suprema Facestation This post is publicly visible

Can I please confirm if the Suprema Facestation biometrics are using the BioStar2 central management software? Looking through the documentation it mentions it is stored in SQL. Can you please confirm. 

Posted on 15 July 2022 10:11 by Supplier Person

Currently we are using our current roster, time and attendance provider's clock server software which is an equivalent software to the BioStar2 central management software.

Replied on 15 July 2022 10:44 by Melinda Vainoras of Arts Centre Melbourne

Supplier Post #3 - Supplier Eligibility This post is publicly visible

As we are a start up we are quite naive in terms of government expectations. Especially around choosing a vendor.

Before we commit our limited resources to carve out a perfect solution, we would like to clarify that a startup (trading as sole trader/limited liability) company from 2019 will be eligible for the tender?

Many thanks and regards.

Posted on 6 July 2022 16:35 by Supplier Person

The fact that you are a sole trader does not preclude you from responding to the tender, but please note that trading history and financial resources will be taken into account when assessing the tender responses.


We have also outlined comprehensive requirements for the solution we are looking for and are not expecting a vendor to develop new functionality that does not yet exist within their solution until after the contract has been awarded. There is provision within the requirements document to indicate that the requirement can be met via a custom build (or other means) and to indicate the time that it would take to do this but there is not an expectation that it is built prior to the tender being submitted.

Replied on 7 July 2022 11:23 by Melinda Vainoras of Arts Centre Melbourne

Supplier Post #2 - Timelines and business requirements This post is publicly visible

Hello Team,

Thanks for your reply earlier. Please see below few follow up questions:

1) I understand the contract start date is Feb 2023 - Is this the 'go live' date for employees of ACM to start using the product ? 

2) On winning the tender when should we start the custom changes and integration into existing softwares of ACM, is it before or after Feb 2023 and what is the timeframe to complete these changes ?

3) Do business should have any minimum requirements to apply for this tender Ex: turnover requirements / experiences ?

Posted on 30 June 2022 14:17 by Supplier Person



1. Feb 2023 will be the commencement of our engagement with the successful vendor so we envisage this being when we start working together, not when we expect to go live. 


2. We don’t expect customisations or integrations to commence or be delivered before the commencement of the contract. The timeframes will depend on the complexity of the customisation or integration. 


3. We will be assessing the experience and financial stability of the vendor but have not set any minimum requirements on size or turnover. 

Replied on 1 July 2022 09:37 by Melinda Vainoras of Arts Centre Melbourne

Supplier Post #1 - Briefing and product This post is publicly visible

Hello Team, 

Do we have a recorded session of the breifing session so that we could refer to it. Also, could you please let us know if you accept readymade off-the-shelve products or is it ok if we custom build the entire requirments from scratch ?

Posted on 29 June 2022 16:09 by Supplier Person

We will not be posting a video recording of the briefing session, however we have answered your questions below and that of any questions asked during the briefing session.

1. We are looking for a system that meets the requirements outlined in the tender document and are open to hearing from interested parties in how they might meet these requirements.

We do not have a preference for off the shelf vs custom built and will be guided by the scores and weightings applied to each of the criteria

  1. We would like to clarify that if you are able to submit an acceptable workaround for a “Must Have” requirement, this will also be treated as meeting this requirement (alongside “Standard functionality” and “Custom Build”)
  2. Question 1: How important is the end user experience and how much weight will you be placing on this in your assessment?
    a) It is really important to us. We have made the system requirements a “hurdle”/mandatory requirement in that the solution needs to meet the “Must have” requirements in order to be assessed against the other criteria such as price. Our Executive team recognise that this system has the ability to impact the team member experience as the majority of our team members interact with this system. With this in mind, there is a huge opportunity to positively impact the team member experience and have a positive impact on team member engagement.
  3. Question2: We have noticed that the contract start date is February 2022, we are assuming this is a typo
    a) That is correct – despite the project being named Project Time WARP, we are not expecting anyone to go back in time to start the contract. The proposed contract start date is February 2023.
  4. Question 3: How many staff members will be utilising the system?
    a) Our workforce does fluctuate based on the season and what shows we have on. Currently our workforce utilising the Roster, Time and Attendance system is approx. 750 with 150 of those team members being Full Time or Variable Time employees (permanent) and 600 casuals.

Replied on 30 June 2022 08:54 by Melinda Vainoras of Arts Centre Melbourne