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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
Request for Tender
Issued by: Dental Health Services Victoria
UNSPSC 1: 42000000 - Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies - 50%
UNSPSC 2: 42150000 - Dental equipment and supplies - 50%
Thu, 24 June 2021 4:10 PM
Thu, 22 July 2021 6:00 PM
24/06/2021 16:10


Buyer Post #6 - Reminder notice This post is publicly visible

Reminder to those participating in this tender: Please ensure you have completed all the mandatory requirements detailed in Instructions for Vendors (Tab 1 of Attachment 2 – Handpieces Ultrasonic Scalers and Curing Lights Tender Specifications and Vendor Response Template) with your submission.  The following information is to be provided as an attachment, where applicable, with each submission:

  • Financial statements
  • Insurance certificates of currency
  • TGA license/registration certificate
  • ISO accreditation certificate

RFT184 has been determined to be a Local Jobs First project and requires all suppliers to provide a Local Industry Development Plan (LIDP) that clearly identifies local content, job commitments including opportunities for apprentices, trainees and cadets with the project.  Further information regarding the requirements of an LIDP can be found at:

The LIDP is to be lodged with ICN prior to the closing of submissions.

Posted on 14/07/2021 16:51 by Dental Health Services Victoria

Supplier Post #5 - Handpiece options This post is publicly visible

Good Morning, 

Which handpieces do you use now? (I'm pretty sure it's KAVO?)

Are you wanting Fibre Optic options also in the response as we couldn’t see a provision for F/O but thought you may want them?


Kind regards, 

Courtney Tracey 

Posted on 01/07/2021 09:54 by Supplier Person

Which handpieces do you use now? (I'm pretty sure it's KAVO?)

DHSV have approached the market to ensure we are sourcing a solution that best delivers on our requirements. As this is irrespective of brand we are unable to disclose our current handpiece supplier.


Are you wanting Fibre Optic options also in the response as we couldn’t see a provision for F/O but thought you may want them?

Yes, please provide options for fibre optics if applicable. Details relating to light and fibre optics for dental handpieces is to be included in the equipment details section under light for each type of handpiece.

Replied on 06/07/2021 10:35 by David Cassar of Dental Health Services Victoria

Buyer Post #4 - Question 1-3 / Answer 1-3 This post is publicly visible

Question 1

Could we please have clarification where Item Code's are to be placed on the Category tabs and Finance tab?

Appears to be a Supplier Item No. column on tab 7. Accessories & Consumables but not on the others

Answer 1

•             In the category tabs, put item code under Model space as free text

•             In the Financial tab, put item code under Make/model column as free text

•             In the Financial tab, make/model will also automatically populate into a drop down box under Product column.


Question 2

Can you please clarify what we should be putting in the "Stock Available in Australia" column?

Obviously Stock on hand today will be different to what is on hand in a few weeks time.

Is the "Estimated lead time from Order" based on stock currently being available in Australia or if we needed to source from our Supplier?


Answer 2

•             We would like to understand if you keep some stock on hand in Australia or whether it ALWAYS comes from overseas.

•             The lead-times for both would be helpful if you carry a mixture of stock in Australia and overseas.

•             If lead times always vary, then give some indication based on your experience for lead times from the time DHSV places order with your organisation to delivery to DHSV.

•             This question aims to understand how far in advance we should be ordering to get stock – even if this is an estimate.


Question 3

With regards to Ultrasonic Scalers, Electric Motors and Handpieces do we need to provide installation costs in the Finance tab or is all installation covered by DHSV?

Answer 3

•             Suppliers do not need to provide installation costs as this is out scope for this tender. Please see Background and specifications document 2.7 Out of Scope.

Posted on 30/06/2021 11:02 by Dental Health Services Victoria