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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
Request for Quotation
Issued by South West Healthcare
UNSPSC 1: 42295000 - Endoscopic equipment accessories and related products - 30%
UNSPSC 2: 42295100 - Surgical equipment and accessories and related products - 70%
Fri, 30 October 2020 9:00 AM
Thu, 19 November 2020 4:00 PM
30/10/2020 09:00


Buyer Post #2 - Maintenance This post is publicly visible

Question 1: Does SWH have a preference between the mainteance options in the pricing schedules?

  • Answer 1: In short - no. Value for Money will be the key consideration.

Question 2: Can you confirm what you're percieving as being the difference between preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance?

  • Answer 2: From past engagements, its has been noticed that suppliers tend to offer different tiers of maintenance service. Marketing and labelling aside, the three levels are pretty much:

a) Preventative or Scheduled Maintenance is a maintenance service scheduled to occur at set intervals at which point the equipment is checked and serviceable parts replaced. The cost of the parts may or may not be included in the fee.

b) Corrective Maintenance is basically breakdown repairs. The cost of parts are normally included in the fee.

c) The third option combines the two into a Comprehensive Offer – scheduled servicing but technicians will also repair any ‘broken’ parts in between scheduled services or where all parts are covered by an agreed fee, whether these parts are replaced during a scheduled service or a call-out service.

Posted on 17/11/2020 10:25 by Jason Wass of South West Healthcare

Buyer Post #1 - Camera Heads This post is publicly visible

Question 1: Do you require 6 camera heads in total or 6 camera heads for each tower?

  • Answer 1: The specification reflects the requiremenst for each tower. Assuming SWH purchases all three towers then the total number of camera heads would be 18 (3 x6).

Question 2: Do you want scopes or just camera heads?

  • Answer 2: Scopes are not required - just the camera heads.

Question 3: Could you please clarify for us if the hospital is requesting 4K or High Definition. Do you prefer 1-chip or 3-chip camera heads (in HD)?

  • Answer 3: SWH is going to be happy with an either / or solution with the cost differential balanced out through ‘best value’ (or better value). In all likelihood, full HD (1920 x 1080) is expected to meet our needs. SWH will have a preference for a 3-chip camera solution on the basis that it will provide a superior camera image. It is encouraged that suppliers articulate the benefits of their offer.ed equipment.


Posted on 17/11/2020 10:18 by Jason Wass of South West Healthcare