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Online Forum for JCA 201507 
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RFx Number Status & Type Details Date
JCA 201507
Request for Tender
Issued by Melbourne & Olympic Park Trust
UNSPSC: 55121700 - Signage
Sat, 18 July 2020 12:00 PM
Fri, 31 July 2020 2:00 PM
18/07/2020 12:00


Buyer Post #5 - Sky Sign Queries This post is publicly visible

Please find below responses to the queries received 





The below outlines the questions that were raised within the tender market briefing and M&OP’s responses.


Q: Is there a timeline for completion?

A: Sky Signs are to be installed and fully operations by 30th November 2020.


Q: Will this be a union site?

A: No it is not a union site, areas outside of our redevelopment areas are under M&OP management. If access is required within redevelopment construction zones M&OP will liaise with relevant parties.


Q: Does M&OP have an engineer in mind or are tenderers required to provide their own?

A: Tenderers are required to include an independent engineering solution and shop drawings as part of their proposal.


Q: The colours identified in the word “Arena” with this be one colour in all stripes or is it required to be multiple?

A: It is intended the colour in the negative space of the word arena will be one colour across for all stripes and the same across all 4 signs.


Q: Will the sign or colours need to be animated?

A: No it is not intended to include animation, only the ability to have the colours shown as depicted.


Q: Can you clarify the intent of the colours?

A: The words “John & Cain” will be either Black (in daylight) or White in (Night light). The negative space of the word “Arena” will need to have RGB ability to match colour required. The positive space of the word “Arena” should be black.


Q: What is Dynalite and what do we need to plug into?

A: Dynalite is the lighting system utilised over our ethernet network within the venue. The tenderer will need to engage Dynalight to connect the sky signs to the venue lighting control system.

CONTACT: Andrew Sherar 


M 04518 329 102


Q: Will M&OP be taking care of building and planning permits?

A: No Planning permit required. Building Permits to be allowed for by the contractor.


Q: What is the make the good requirement of the holes from the previous signs and the new holes created within the cladding?

A:  Where the installation of the new sign exposes the holes from the previous signs and new holes are required, the contractor must seal the holes with an approved non-combustible sealant.   


Q: What is the BMS that is referred to in the tender documentation?

A: BMS stands for Building Management System, in this instance, this refers to the Dynalite system.



Q: Can you clarify the spacing required in the circles and the word “Arena”?

A: Please find attached


Q: Will all 4 signs and corners be the same?

A: Yes all four corners will be the same sign, the only difference is the external environment; ie construction constraints.


Q: Will the roadway in the NW corner that is currently within a construction zone be remaining?

A: Yes this will remain and is part of the final condition of the works taking place in this area,


Q: Can M&OP provide Traffic Management for the North East Corner?

A: Depending on the methodology of the chosen tenderer; if only closing the far left lane M&OP can assist with bollards. Anything further that includes closing the roadway or re-directing vehicles will require the tenderer to provide traffic management.


Q: If additional power is required how is this managed?

A: The successful tenderer will have access to and work closely with our Infrastructure department and to determine requirements and any impacts relating to power.


Q: The tender states old signs are to be disposed of is there a preferred strategy?

A: No, tenderers should plan and indicate the methodology for removing old signs from the site.


Q: Does M&OP still have access equipment that can be utilised?

A: M&OP does have booms within their on-site plant fleet however all tenderers should be accounting for the supply of all plant and equipment within their submission.


Q: There are Telco antennas near the current signs, can you indicate M&OP’s plan with these?

A: M&OP will have these shut down with the relevant parties prior to works beginning and meter readings will be provided.


Q: Are there data points in within the Lift Motor room?

A: Data and power would return to the communications rack and electrical cupboard within the lift lobby.


Q: Are there harness points off the roof available?

A: There is a static line that can be utilised on the roof.


Q: Can you provide an elevation of the building?

A: Yes please find attached.


Q: The horizontal spigots are they available to be re-used?

A:  This is at a tenderers option within their methodology if they wish to re-use.


Q: Is there on-site storage available if required?

A:  This will need to be negotiated with M&OP and the successful tenderer and is highly dependent on the event calendar.


Q: Are there any weight loading that tenderers should be aware of?

A: Only on the Eastern Plaza; the South-East corner of the pedestrian footpath above the entry to the car park. This is 5.5-tonne KPA.