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Contract - CFA2022-0027

Contract Details


Public Body
Country Fire Authority Victoria
Contract Number
Energy Accounts Management
Purchases of Goods/Services

The CFA has approximately 1450 sites across Victoria. Account management for all energy accounts is required. Electricity is supplied to all sites, except remote sites that may be serviced by other means such as a combination of generator/solar/batteries. Mains gas is supplied to 88 sites and the remaining sites are serviced by gas cylinders (bottles).

CFA building types range from offices (e.g. headquarters in metropolitan and regional areas) to large, medium and small fire stations, maintenance workshops, training grounds, communication towers, storage sheds, brigade running tracks, pumping stations, co-location sites with other government agencies, and rented warehouses and domestic houses – a small fire station can mean a satellite station comprising of a single steel garage structure that houses one fire truck and/or other fire equipment on a farmer’s private land.

Un-metered sites which will remain with the retailers designated as the original owner for those specific geographic areas (e.g. Mt Hotham owned by a local provider). These sites are invoiced separately by those retailers and are to be managed separately to the State Purchase Contracts (SPCs). The majority of requirements shall be governed by the SPCs, with some additional accounts for management.

Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services
Procurement Method
Public Tender
Total Value of the Contract
$100,000.00  (Estimate)
Starting Date
1 July 2022
Expiry Date
30 June 2023
Number of Submissions
Contact Person
Simone Davison
[email protected]
Office: +61 (03) 8822 8039

Supplier Information

1 Smart Power
72121464864 (ABN)
14 Lexham Square, Eltham, Victoria, Australia, 3095
[email protected]