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Contract - RFT VSBA 1819-2606

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Public Body
Department of Education & Training
Contract Number
RFT VSBA 1819-2606
RFT - VSBA Rolling Facilities Evaluation - Specialist Assessment Program
Construction Contracts

RFT VSBA 1819-2606 - Request for Tender for the Rolling Facilities Evaluation (RFE) Specialist Assessment (SA) Program


The Rolling Facilities Evaluation (RFE) commenced in 2018 and assesses the asset condition of each Victorian government School every five years. Approximately 300 Schools are scheduled to receive a condition assessment in each year of the rolling program. As of December 2019, RFE condition assessments have taken place in approximately 600 Schools. 

The objectives of the RFE Program are to:

  1. Deliver a program of condition assessments to all Schools to support the proactive management of School facilities through the provision of improved asset information; and
  2. Obtain consistent, comprehensive, accurate and updated condition information for DET’s asset base.

The condition assessment is a visual assessment of School buildings, roofs and grounds. It excludes the testing of equipment, the assessment of underground infrastructure, building services, furniture and areas of the School where construction works are in progress.

The Department has engaged a single service provider (the RFE Service Provider), to deliver the RFE Program condition assessments.

Where Asset Defects are identified that require further investigation by a specialist trade, the RFE Service Provider recommends that a Specialist Assessment is undertaken. Specialist Assessments are recommended when the cause and extent of an Asset Defect cannot be determined through a visual assessment alone.


The Department is inviting tenders from suitably qualified and experienced service providers who were shortlisted from the June 2019 Expression of Interest responses, for the provision of service delivery for the Specialist Assessment Program.

A Specialist Assessment is an investigation undertaken by a specialist trade to determine the cause, extent and works required to address an Asset Defect identified by the condition assessment of the RFE Program.  The investigation must be completed sufficiently by the specialist trade to enable accurate recommendations to rectify defective elements, and the estimated cost of Rectification Works.

DET is seeking the services of two Service Providers to deliver the Program to Schools. Each Service Provider will be assigned and deliver services to either East Victoria or West Victoria, comprising both metropolitan and regional Schools and based on the Department’s regional areas.

The objectives of the SA Program are to deliver Specialist Assessments to Schools where these have been recommended by the RFE Service Provider.

Specialist Assessments are generally undertaken by one of the following trades:

  1. Roof plumber
  2. Structural engineer
  3. Termite or pest inspector
  4. Builder
Associated with Tender
RFT - VSBA Rolling Facilities Evaluation - Specialist Assessment Program (RFT VSBA 1819-2606)
Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
Procurement Method
Selective Tender
Total Value of the Contract
$2,062,373.17  (Fixed)
Starting Date
Expiry Date
Number of Submissions
Contact Person
Alyssa Zambrano
Office: +61 (03) 70222616
Conal Creedon
Phone: +61 (03) 70222533

Supplier Information

1 Programmed Facility Management Pty Ltd
23001382010 (ABN)
Level 1, 333 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 3000